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Lets talk about 2 facts. I have 3 months to buy EDs, i just had em saved for players tournament, that i needed to use only 1k in order to secure #1. Second fact, its looser not loser. When you copy my words, do it right.
bulgaria down to 15 territories soon 0 :d
Cry more itso
even Itso is triggered Laugh
tell me more about pixels
Enjoy ur vacations Itso and stop crying. Ours start on August Laugh
mine start before 1 month hahaha
Lucky u then, i should say im jealous Laugh
Wink many do it... because it end on the middle of september Smile
Damn,have fun Wink
its loser not looser when you copy my words do it right he says lmfao dude HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH u rly get triggered by everything and its hilarious, made my day Laugh
Απο χαβαλε ,δεν... Να φανταστω Laugh
ty chris, I would left the game if there wasnt you
chris, do u check the article for comments every 5 minutes Laugh Laugh
o7 itso
Bulgarians must be really poor when they talk and cry 24/7 about a few hundred euros Laugh
@Bikkin, to be the bottom or the top doesn t make you worst or better person. Pls accept you how you are and love yourself for who you are. XOXO
@Bikkin, you try to insult me with Sexist comments? Do we live in 1800?
Kris lives in 1800 Laugh Laugh :p
so many butthurt people in a so small game.. Chris πελατες τους εχεις κανει ρε
Bulgarians must be really poor when they talk and cry 24/7 about a few hundred euros Laugh ×2
@ktab , αστα να πανε Laugh Πονοςς
I still do not get what is being a loser according to the article.