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Day 279.

Hi everybody o7

   Didnt plan to open newspapers but noticed that there isnt no articles with DMG stat so here it is in short



   As for players list from some reason you cant sort them by DMG so i scrolled down the list and here are top 10 (this is not 100% maybe i missed someone in the procces of scrolling)

Player          country     DMG         hits

1. Harisharko     SA   1,079,310 / 9224

2. iBirello            Bul   694,125   / 5741

3. A L B E D O     Spa  616,030   / 5142

4. Marvolo          Geo  603,459   / 5664

5. The KING        Fra   587,869   / 6576

6. ChrisGeoRM  Usa   572,523  / 5185

7. ktab                 Usa   561,191 / 5155

8. KamKo            Geo   533,259 / 5645

9. covece             SA    483,367 / 4590

10. Chickerino    Por   476,040 / 4637

and thats it, next time ill try to put some comments and will publish on mondays

Samo jako o7

P.S. all you grammar nazies eng is not my first language so please have that in mind XD


 I have to apologize to Bulgaria, Georgia and Iran i wasnt paying attention on aliances,
it was unintentionally , dont know what smart is there to say, some shithead idiot think its funny, those  SS are from official page so im in shock and its not one bit funny....

Once again im really sorry for not paying more attention


HarisharkoRadovljeFierce onepaleonPolyarnyy MedvedburchexAdminAdminAdminAdminHITTM4gnusVELIKIburchexDonWascasosDonWascasosDonWascasosDonWascasosDonWascasosPastelito11Pastelito11Pastelito11Pastelito11Pastelito11CogairanTalibankoMandrake85qalimindaAlbanOrionediThe GameThe GameThe GameThe GameThe Gamebenito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7benito7

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Hail SA
Harisharko stronk o7
Btw nice alliance name xD
Feng Shui noob
Lol CD Hail LIA
FAGS alliance ? lmao really
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