13th Legion Bosnia

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They have a plan! 

First they win a battle with luck because we dont exepte Oh!

Than they told us they have a special plan for us!


We was exciting to see thier plan ...... but 

They lost the first battle 

 Jand after this battle they loose another battle 
, but were waiting for the plan! 

The plan was win one battle and lost two battles? 
Hmmmmm ?
Hail their palan ! 

Realy intelligent plan o7


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Shhh they got a plan Laugh
Cogi is planning silent ladies wtf
Iranis are always looser
Hail the masterplan Laugh
Its secret
Ша чупя тоз телевизор ей!
wait and see baby how you will be wipe easilyLaughLaughLaugh
Don t be that hard, they said it was the plan, not the masterplan Laugh
lol, Such a nice troll 🤣🤣
There is still no time to say that Wink
Okay, see what we can do
.با دقـــــت ببینـــــید . با صبــــر پیـــــش برویــــــد. این نتــــــیجه نیســــــت.