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Hello fighters,

          Today was the greatest battle in the Game so far. And the greatest victory for Bulgaria

           We appreciate all players participated in this battle and thanks to our citizens, allies and friends, who made this victory possible.

        As you see on our side all greatest warriors are Bulgarians. Also we have less damage in first 8 players. This is mean that we have more people, who like Bulgaria. Thank you!

         Here was one good surprise - Macedonia, thank you brothers.
Also there was bad surprise - Greece. I can not understand their position in this battle. Greece, don t afraid to fight for your allies. 
Georgia shown up as our brothers. The same were Japan and Iran. Thank you.
Thanks to Italy, Serbia and Romania.  

Mexico and Croatia found a reason to fight against Bulgaria. This is their right and they even don t need a reason for this. I wish them all good.

Let s enjoy the game.


GarikTankburchexHereli007boromirBangoVasilMEGRELKvii left game day671nika goguadzenika goguadzenika goguadzeBankovvague1914Gamaso0Skorpionn

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Battle for Varna
please, Crtls F5, most of the avatars are wrong Smile
nice battle, stand and be strong for homeland o7
Not very smart, are you? Mexico is ally who did you like them to fight for? You? ffs
аз на маляки,! не РаЗЧИТАМ!!!
CTRL + F5 on battle to get good avatar xD
Hail Bulgaria hail friendship o7o7o7
Tnx u friends who fought!
hail bulgeria
Only Bulgaria 19.414.544.855, is a new record 😎👍👏👏👏👏
Ofc they brake record, they stocked when others goes all in
We gave a warm welcome to the flock of tourists in Varna o7