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herosiv - Newspaper from Poland -

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It s from last 30 days. I was using https://erev2tools.com/
good job o7
Great job o7
You have wrong pictures. In the war USA s Bulgaria, Romania do not fight for Bulgaria. Macedonia started yesterday. Most of the time was 7 vs 3. Shame on you, still do not touch our cores. Hail Bulgaria!
Most of his info is incomplete or wrong but still nice efort.
@Asmir like I said to you in PM it s from last 30 days. We know you are so strong so stop having butthurt
Cheeky Hail Holy Peruvian Empire! the mayority was a deal during the last event. Sold it XDXDXDXD
SMP + SA vs BG + Iran , 25 wins for SMP +SA and 6 for BG and Iran hahahahhahaha But who is winning the campaign im wondering Laugh
What to many?
@kodores peru is strong
more articles likes this o7 Hail Better look around and Alexander95
o7 too many Piko http://prnt.sc/ohx7po
Chris, yes, when you use a lot of countries... why dont you go 1 vs 1 Smile
I have friends, unlike you Espor
Keep believing in whatever makes you feel better Smile
I believe in reality ,how about you?
GJ but UK now free from ireland Laugh
For the holy peruvian empire! dont forget Italy
Nice dude!
good Laugh vote! Hail Perú!
Good job thanks