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1. A Commerce chat
So the International and National chats will not be used for do spam of offers and people who are looking for offers will find them faster

2. Respect to currency
A section in the inventory where you can see all the CC you have of ur country and others.

3. Foreign Companys
Be able to create and buy companies from other countries, you will need to have cc from this country to pay the workers, although you will not pay import taxes

4. Live to the Chains!
The possibility of do coups d'etat to establish democracies or dictatorships.

5. Governement types
Different forms of government that would be voted from the congress and that would obtain different bonuses to the country (some examples are Military Court + 5% damage for all the citizens of the country, Liberal Republic 15% in addition to the daily income in the coffers of the state , Anarcho-Liberal Oligarchy + 10% to the existing resources of the country...)

6. Free trade agreements
Free trade agreements between countries so that the companies of both will not have to pay import taxes if they sell in the market of the other.(Making a free trade agreement would be very expensive)

7. Common militar unit
Being able to make a MU between 2 allied countries (or more) after acceptance of its creation by decree in the 2 countries and dividing the expenses between 2.
There would be 2 commanders (the defense ministers of the 2) and in case of wanting to add a captain it should be under acceptance of another decree in the congress of both countries



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