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I am no one and as such I speak for a big enough number of other no ones that make the backbone of this game.

In regards of the latest crying from Bulgaria and the decisions of a bunch of players to leave.

Sadly the answers to all of itso s questions will remain hidden, all of them can be answered with
Meanwhile the bread and butter of every game will continue being its players. When the war against us was started with the aim to humiliate us we decided to fight against almost everyone, when questionable events like the ones listed in itso s article happened, we continued to fight, when real life insults were drowning the all chat and our media space, we continued fighting just to keep the game interesting and dynamic. We were labeled as crybabies, but when we decided to stay silent, our honorable enemies didnt forget to keep the insults raining as we saw after the fall of our core. When we won the biggest battle in the game against all odds, just to prolong the life of the game the answers to our Congratulations were saudi insults. After months of keeping SA deleted, enduring untreated forbidden behavior, when finally AS EXPECTED, even though much later than expected, we lost a core, we stood silent so the entire game can see the ugly face of our honorable enemies during their 1 minute of fame. The same honorable enemies, a portion of whom were accused of hacking accounts of players they dislike some time in the past. Did you actually think that panic and depression engulfed us with the declaration of this war? The only things that we were talking about were how much real money will we make our enemies spend and should we even fight at this stage of this pointless, predecided war, against all odds, just for the sake of keeping the game alive and our enemies interested. The war is not the problem, never was the problem, never was taken seriously by us. The unspoken diplomatic bullshit that was the real cassus beli was something that most of us no ones gave no shits about. Although certain actions of certain authorities in the game are questionable and hesitant and this is hinting of some impending demise, the real issue is in the loudest of the players. A bunch of scared, scarred, edgy, impulsive manchildren with issues that they chose to cover behind the safe space of their keyboards.
Don t mistaken yourselves, half of the eworld is enough to delete us off the map, but who is eager to try and keep us deleted? If Bulgaria wanted to, we could organize our comeback, we could organize making the lifes of our occupants a living hell. And for months after our reappearance on the map, these same enemies would have to look after their backs constantly, because we d have a reason to continue making their lifes a living hell. This parody of a war is not the end of the world nor is the beginning of anything interesting enough. This entire boycott 2.0 that you are talking about was something that has been taking shape for the last month. It is not a boycott, it is a demand of explanation and assurance that actions will be taken in case of new questionable events. People boycott when they have something to lose. But the only one who is about to lose something is eRev2 losing a part of its most active players. We dont want our cores, we dont want Q6 DS, we dont expect a comeback in this war, we dont expect getting the option to declare a second Natural enemy. All we want are a few simple, yet well argumented and honest answers and a simple but honest assurance that the authorities of this game, responsible for keeping it a game, will take measures against those who turn it into a verbal shitstorm. So far we got none of these. If everything is safe and sound, clean and correct, why are we getting ignored, why the people who are supposed to assure us that everything is trully clean and correct are hiding? TBH this is expected because so it happens that the same people who need to be regulated are the feeding throughs of these same authorities. It is also a rhetorical request, we already know the outcome.
I will not bother answering any comments because it didnt take more than a few troll articles for all of us to realize that we have manchildren against us. We are not gonna be a laughing stock, to be asking questions left unanswered, to be citating broken rules left unpunished.  We do not feel like the game is against us, we do not feel the game in general.
It is more than obvious who holds the bread that the game feasts on, but ask yourselves the question, who holds the knife to cut that bread?

HAIL to all the countries that helped us in this struggle, who stood by our side in an attempt to make the game feel alive. HAIL to all the countries that took a stand in the name of sportsmanship and fairplay.
HAIL to Georgia!
HAIL to Macedonia!
HAIL to Greece!
Good luck to all of you, GOOD LUCK to Iran in their war against the most pathetic clique of plebs in the eUniverse! Those of us who keep the will to stay will stand by your side for sure.
Congratulations to our former allies and current enemies in the USA. Congratulations to their band of mercenaries.

The efforts of a large enough amount of no ones like me was slowly dropping to irregular 2clicking and with this the backbone of the game was becoming weaker. We dont care that we lost a core, the losing of this core was expected by everyone in the game for nearly a month. Sadly we have been losing some of our will to play for much longer than that.

Our final gift is the countdown for the impending demise that I mentioned above.
And speaking as TheDankSavage and not a member of the no ones... Ive been painfully accurate in my predictions so far.


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Hail Salah
you have too high idea of your country and it s power... underestimating the others is the recipe guarantee to go down
What we overestimate ktab? A meaningless war started to help SA get revenge at all cost? Not to mention the parody with bringing Celio back and Peru in SMP. Bulgaria has the most active community - this is our power, nothing more, nothing less.
exactly my point. You believe you can win everyone alone. USA that is a far better, more organized and strong country than Bg never had those illusions. You participated MAT, an alliance really OP against SMP and managed to rekt everything. So..
I don t know how you have this impression. There is no country that can handle alone, having the most active community compared to any other country is one thing, winning is different. I can say the conflict between Bulgaria and USA can be good for the game but with even odds and alliances, not with ugly propaganda, lies and insults which occupied the chat both sides. A war of hate more than anything else, camouflaged as normal game campaign - Hey it is just BG turn, all is fine!
i never use hate speech against anyone. I state only true facts and fact is that you never managed to cooperate completely with any other ally other than USA. MAT was a really strong alliance which lack everything else except firepower. But the incapability of it s leadership and your absence from there, lead it to a failure. I will not claim that Bg are bad allies. Except espor era. Cause i know them and i have fought side by side with them. But you think that you compact community can overcome every issue, which is not true. None can survive the game alone, and even if you Edge claim the opposite, i am sure there is a vast majority at Bg that even now as we speak, believe that they are far better than anyone else, and can survive alone.
and your absence from there: MAT leadership (not to get misunderstood)
You never used hate speech, this is where USA and almost all rest members of SMP differ from SA and several exOFC. As you said [I will not claim that Bg are bad allies], this was one of the parts of the ugly propaganda vs BG, where every day the same ppl were claiming the opposite. Yet some countries decided to help us, tho they had their own problems, for which we are grateful.
Ktab is right
I really dont understand when and where did we left the impression that we feel confident and able to fight alone against SMP. Because we never did have such impressions, we knew the outcome of the war since the beginning as the article says, there were discussions about our political mistakes that led to this war. Again, as the article says, we decided to fight in the war not to win it, but to make it interesting. And when it comes to MAT - we were not a leader or anything, we didnt want to get engaged in lengthy campaigns, a lot of SMP damage was already being lost in our SA battles. And on top of all of this, MAT was formed from need not from mutual interest and sympathy for the most part. Stop making all of this revolve around the current war, the war is simply happening at the same time.
In the early months when several unbalanced alliances were formed, people said the game is dying. Now, when we face things like that (wars like that, insults like that, article like this) I conclude the game has just started to live. Yes, some left, but that is not a big problem.
hate speech xddddd
-A bunch of scared, scarred, edgy, impulsive manchildren with issues that they chose to cover behind the safe space of their keyboards.- THIS is the problem.