War is the answer

boromir - Newspaper from Sweden -

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Hahahahaha best article good job o7o7o7 Chtis why delete comment 😂🤔
sad but true
thats right
cry more CHRIStiana
Bravo, good opinion.
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great article. nice job. o7 o7 o7 LaughLaughLaugh
In order to get public approval,these days you need to either fight a 50-50 war or disband your alliance 5-6 times hoping others will organize Laugh
Beauty Smile
So you are leaving? All the best in RL friends! o7
Pfft xD
You forgot something... Chris: lol they won bith battles even with your help, Tovar. Tovar: Dont worry bro ill gonna ban them all, just like that. Stay in focus chris! Wink
Time for erev 3 hahaha
tovar gypsyloser, just checking
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crybabies sore losers nothing to be said