Shilling for Shillings

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SMP Headquarters
Day: 297
Date: 30th July 2019
Subject: BG WIPED!


Well Hello again Ladies, Gentleman and my Bulgarian friends
(ofc I know you guys are still here logging in secretly),

Today, like every day is a like normal day, its a happy day for some folks and its a sad day for others. For a few it would also be the happiest day of their life while other think of suicide (pls dont commit shoot in head).

Now back to game, its a happy day over at the SMP headquarters, everyone is happy that they finally wiped Bulgaria who after ending their stocks made a ruse of boycotting and started crying of balance and whatnots, I mean who are you fooling here? Now, its a sad day over in Bulgaria, a lot of crying happening over there. Meanwhile, its the happiest day of life in life of ChrisGeoRM, who after using his extensive favors and pull over Tovar has finally managed to achieve his life dream. He also bought the game secretly just to wipe Bulgaria. Woah, I mean Bulgarians are so important that a person buys an Admin and a game just to wipe them. Oh boi.

Now, what happened today? A lot of things, one of the major thing that happened today in history of eRev2 is a total wipe of Bulgaria. Zero regions. Sad story, I cri.

Zero Regions:

Last Battle:

I spent quite some time explaining happiness and sadness, now left summarize for sake of people who are dick enough to not read the text.


In Bulgaria:

Well, that was it for today, folks.

Yours sincerely,



Comments (17)

SMP o7
old diesel was better
Yeah. Sad
You are a sore winner,fake Diesel.Congratz SMP for a well fought campaign.
Bulgarians are out of stock????? Ask Chris to check our storages Wink Real Diesel was better o7
Haha SMP, you make me laugh.. War 7 vs 3 and you are happy as that? The war continued 2-3 weeks, now we gonna read arcticles for more than a year for sure Laugh thaat smp... Laugh Laugh Laugh go back to your babysitter tovar, he is worried, you have to sleep!
Bulgarians are out of stock?! Looooool give back acc to real Diesel pls
Kapo ... why not fight harder
odmah bugari cmizdre...ovo je igra Laugh
Edd why spent time to wrote this Laugh
One another nonsense by Eddie
Thank god you dont survive on making funny articles and nice memes cuz you would be homeless.
As you see in stat, Celio win. If you remove his damage, you gonna see, that SMP lost the battle against Bulgaria. With out Celio, you are nothing.
So even you admit that Chris had to use his extensive favors with admins to wipe Bulgaria? Laugh
the thing i keep asking myself lately is: why do bulgarians always get into misfortune in these games. It has to do with their strategy of playing: shitposting and carefully choosing enemies, not caring about allies cuz who cares what may happens if they lose as you will nap the enemies (oh f*** it didnt go as planned did it?). So here we stand.