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Challenge #1 Find me the devil Somewhere in erev2 hidden is devil find him. Send me PM who is this hidden devil. But you have only two tries, 2 bad queses you are eliminated. I will try to repond to you as soon as possible if your answer is not correct. TIME LIMIT DAY 305 11:00 erev time. If I see that you can t guess correct answer I will give a hint in a comment Next challenge will be after this ends and we will see if can you hit. This first challenge is not hard just need to think.
OK guys I give you 4 guesses instead of 2 because you are far off with answers. First hint: Even players who started play today can guess it that don t knows players, admins itp.
Last hint for today: profile link
First person completed the challenge
Hermes? XD
@tapuban can t answer. 5 people already answer correctly
Ha nice bluff, chris, but .. here i don t see Safer , got ya
In next challenge you may need some weapons with all q.
v+s Wink
No more hints.