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Just to point, there were rewards for new year, halloween, christmass..... 
We want rewards for Eid. 
Muslims play this game too. 
Eid mubarak Brothers and sisters. 


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Hoćemo kurbane u igri :d
Eid al-adha
Those are comercial events... mostly. They have nothing to do with religion here. Maybe in origin its conected to religion but not in modern era.
Eid Mubarak Smile
o7 bratte
Well, I want rewards for Thursday, otherwise it is discriminatory, rewards only for holidays. I want rewards for ordinary days. As for Eid, or Mubarak or whatever that is - no thanks. If Muslims play this game this is their own damn problem.
Za svaki sabat hoću nagrade !!!
@imoenbg1 you fucking disgusting pig. I agree with the article!
@imoenbg1 There are gifts for Christmas/Easter and so on. These are Christian holiday. Why shouldn t there be some gifts for Muslim holidays such as Eid? It s not about gifts. If you think that there shouldn t be gifts for Muslim holidays there also shouldn t be gifts for Christian holidays.
Really? Christmas and Easter Christian holidays???? The origins of both holidays come waaaay earlier..... And why would there be specific gifts for Muslims? In ALL European countries (with the single exception of Kosovo, Albania and parts of Bosnia) the dominant religion is Christianity. This is a European game, deal with it. If you want Muslim holidays or something play a Muslim game. In the meantime don t bother whining. Every European state and store has promos and gifts for Christmas and Easter. Point me one state that has gifts for Eid. Oh, and point me a single Muslim state where being Christian is safe. P.S LordBlackDust - I agree with you,you are indeed a fucking disgusting pig.....
Great Idea o7
you just want free stuff
Lol.. Everyone begs for rewards omg.. Than, admin, i have birthday on 4th of September and its coming soon. I want a gift, a large one!! Dont forget my birthday, its my own holiday, dont discriminate me!
Roasted pork is deliceous reward for you!
Christians are the most persequted minority in the world today, so stop cry saudi extremist and wahadit jihadists.
I see lots of faschist here mouths full of shit. Ohhh... sorry christians are polite people
I dunno what eid is exactly, and why, but light googling says it was, emm, 2 months ago?
Eid Mubarak Smile
It s not about gifts. Why would Christians get gifts for their holidays but not Muslims? And not every Muslim is extremist, understand this!!! Muslims are people too. And who told you that this is ,,European game ? That s the biggest bull$!T I ve heard. Everyone has right to be treated same as others.
nah no rewards for terrorists :d
Because the admin is a European, the game is based in Europe, and not on Mars. If it is not about gifts, why are you asking for gifts. Everyone has the right to be treated same as others. So I want the admins to provide me gifts each and every day, because I am celebrating life and for me every day is a holiday.
@imoenbg1 Because admin is European doesn t mean that this game is European. This is global game. If it is European then why are people from other places able to play it? Christian holidays are worldwide as well as Muslim holidays and your ,, celebration,, of every day is for only you. Not global. I m saying that if there is gifts for Christian holidays there also should be for Muslim holidays, but if there won t be gifts for Muslim holidays than there also shouldn t be gifts for Christian holidays. My point is that if admins treat one religious people one way, they should do the same for the other religions as well.
@ernan kortes RESPECT
@radovlje thanks o7
BGs are fucking nationalists
It s a fair claim, although I m against mixing religion in a game. One possible solution can be to not make again a Happy Holidays event that match with christian calendar. And just call it December Event (I was going to write Winter Event but in South America is summer so would be north-hemisphere centric xD) I personally would like events The Day of The Woman. The Day of the worker. The Day of the letter of the UN rights. The Day of Free Speech of Fre . I m sure all people posted here would support this as it s something Global and common not related to religion.
@Akhenaton Setepenra i agree with you
@Akhenaton Setepenra I think it would be fair too. If admins will not give gifts for Muslim holidays then they also shouldn t give gifts for Christian holidays as well. They should give gifts for Non-religion related holidays. That would be fair.