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You sucessful found the devil but finding agent won t be that easy. Agent left two marks so you can find him. But this marks can lead you to the trap. If you think you will know who is the real agent. The challenge is to send me PM with Agent s message. You have 3 guesses per day. I hope everything is clear. TIME LIMIT Day 315 9.00 erev time.
What about Challenge #2... I finished it ?! Check PM... o7
? xd
Is it Pablo Martin Batala? His ID is 700 which backwards is 007 so Agent 007 🤣🤣🤣 did I ruin challenge?
Maybe you did, maybe you didnt
agent is @ostati
Do you guys know any agent from UK?
Now, when you look at how far you are from the correct answer, I think you wouldn t do the first challenge without a hints.