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Hello to all of my beloved readers and the rest of you who dont feel like that,

First of all, my English is not too good but i love to use it anyway, so get used to it.

I want to start conversation regarding one idea, and want to hear what community say about this. Idea, what idea? Concept of this kind of games are that there is no clear winner, nor there is a end of game. Game is infinitive, just like universe. But even universe have end, but we are unaware of this.

My suggestion is that eRevollution should have end, and clear winners at the end of server. Why? Because most of the games like this last forever, so this type of game can be unique and can be very much active during their time. For example the game will have clear beginning and clear end. So game developers should think of game plan, and how they plan to have end to the game. For example in last month we will have epic battles for ultimate victory at the end.

I like when good game plan get me to the end!

So what plan should be, what you will like to see from the game. If we look at erev 2 server, everything is balanced regarding economy (at least this is my opinion). But regarding war segment it is not balanced. Why? Because this server last for long time, and players can not be interested in game all the time, especially when game last forever. So many players are quits the game during the time. Main goal for every game is to have huge group of active players. So how to do that?

There is some time table suggestion for this:

1. Game will be ended 10 months from beginning
2. Game will have clear winners (Country or Alliance)
3. In last month we will have big finale or the final countdown.

1. My opinion is that this type of games should have clear end. So From beginning all players and countries will prepare for big finale. So country wants to have all the resources, players want to have large amount of equipment for huge shout out in big finale. My opinion is that 10 months can be the perfect time to finish server. 

2. At the end we will have huge battle of alliances or maybe countries. So from beginning players will prepare for the last battle. They will want to have max training center, they will want to have all houses, they will want to have large number of quality guns and energy bars. Also players love epic battles, this is essential of the game. When you have epic battle every two weeks, then it is not epic battles.

3. Grand finale: Admins will add 9 regions in Africa, or in Greenland or in South America of where every they want. There will be 5 border regions with high wall they every country should occupy, every of that 5 regions will grant you 1 point. Inside this 5 region there is 3 middle regions with high wall that country needs to conquer, every region will grants 3 points. and there is center region with high wall that grants you 10 points. Country who have more points at the end of the game is clear winner, also alliance can be clear winner. 

After server ends, every player who participate the winning side or ally side will get winner badge from that particular server.

Govedo, did I deserve you badge?

Why i reading this? Because i think this is a chance that this type of games can be more popular. There is a very good players here that deserve a popular game. I will appreciate if you leave your thoughts in comments regarding this idea.



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Comments (9)

Aw, thats a season system o/
This is introduction of seasons. The server can last for ever but you have winners once every year.
Tooooo uzmimo primjer igre sm14,cow2,ww3. Moze se ovdje nesto slicno tome,turnir svih turnira al postoji kvaka i sam znaš da niko ne voli pocinjat od nule da igra mozda kao nagradu da drzava dobije neke pogodnosti ne u vidu zlata ili cc mozda u vidu da ima mogucnost da koristi vazdušni napad u toku 30 dana..ili da turniri budu svakog vikenda takmicenje izmedju drzava a radnim danima normalne bitke al kad je turnir vikendom onda se blokira normalne bitke a nagrade bi bile za igrace ko ispuca dmg ili hit /neka granica dobiva gold ili znacka Smile
To jeste jedan od problema što se kreće od nule, ali pogledaj ovo trenutno stanje, u top 20 članaka u svetu nema preko 30 votova
govedo velik s
htedoh napisati u top 5 članaka ali nisam jeo i popio kafu pa sam prohisterisao