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24 hours

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Hello friends and all others, 
I wandered long time what if...
So, what if battle can be different duration, not 24 hours? 
I think 24 hours is long enough. Will be good if we have chance to reduce this time.
For example, if defending side have more than 50% damage for 5 minutes, duration of the battle reduced with 1 minute.
It is possible duration of the battle to reduce faster if damage is bigger, like 60 or 70%. 
If attacking side have more than 50%, time of the battle going slowly back to 2 hours. 
Or Attacking and Defending side can choose to reduce or enlarge the duration. 
This gonna give us more interesting game, more flexibility. 

What do you think?



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24 hours
Add DS buffs,and you will see how bad idea it is. Game is already favoring defensive side, do this and we will play farmville.
It is not about some side to take advance, it is about both sides to have equal chances to do what is better for them.
Yeah,and think about the DS . And who will change will favor.
Yea, then Peru cant come to Greece. Chris njab!