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EDIT: From now on Company market is global (you can buy a company regardless of owner s location).


first of all, we would like to congratulate all the winners of Military Unit tournament, both in the MU and Top Soldier sections. We hope you had great fun in it, and that your efforts are adequately rewarded.

As you ve already seen (and as we announced), new Act of War event started and don t forget the most important thing, it lasts until Sunday, August 25th.
We received a lot of questions for rewards in event so we will reveal them.

Beyond the Limit

We have a completely new event prepared for you, called Beyond the Limit, lasting from August 26th until September 8th. We imagined it in a way it profiles those best of the best, nationwide and worldwide. You will collect points based on your activities ingame, be it work, train, fight, build companies etc. There will be two categories, individual and top nation, and only those most worthy will receive shiny new medals on their profiles.

Important notes: In missions such as produce 1000 raw or spend work tokens, you must know that progress won t be saved for the next day; i.e. if you produce 1100 raw materials today, you will receive 1 point, however, if the next day you produce 900 raw materials you won t receive any points.
If you spend 0-6 tokens you receive 0 points, 7-13 tokens spent you get 1 point, 13-20 tokens spent you get 2 points, etc...

As of today, citizenship are locked.

Double Speed energy recovery will be active for both weeks of the tournament. (August 26th until September 8th)

Populating empty countries

Speaking of citizenships, there is another novelty. Until today, if a player wanted to populate an empty country (one with 0 active players), he could have been manually given citizenship and be appointed country president. However, we are ending this practice, and hereby inform you that we won t accept players into empty countries unless they have a functional plan how to populate the country in the long run, plus a group of players that will support them.

Disciple event and Beginner pack

Since we received plenty of positive feedback regarding the event, plus gained some new players who are competitive with Beginner pack, we will leave the event permanently.
Some of you suggested to us to add more gold to pack, we won’t add it since you have all gold from strength you have by pack, you will receive 5G daily until you got all medals for strength you have.

We are looking for your opinions on ideas below

We are constantly trying to work on other game modes and things we believe would improve the game and gameplay. Since we believe the community should have a saying about some of the things (because at the end of the day, you will be the ones playing it), we would like to ask you about some of the ideas, so please share your opinion in the comments, all constructive talk is welcome.

-Dividing battles into rounds: the general idea is to divide battles into 3 or 4 rounds, winners of each round would collect points and the country that gathers most points in the end wins the battle;

-Energy recovery speed: making x2 energy recovery speed permanent (or some other speed, not necessarily x2);

-Lowering MPP limit per country to 3 or 4, OR rising it to 10;

-Limiting MU member list to (for example) 50 members max, or introducing regiments; also, locking MU entry (instead of everyone being able to enter wherever they want)
(we are developing new MU gameplay which will be implemented permanently)

We are eager to hear your opinions regarding these suggestions, of course, feel free to suggest some of your own. We will also be responding in the comment section, in order to make the best out of discussion.


We made ingame tutorial for all players.Tutorial is visible only to new players and once they pass it they can not see it anymore.

We will prepare another tutorial article for new players soon.

Advertising and Baby boom projects

We have begun advertising eRev2 through AdSense again, but you should know that we won t add AdSense in eRev2 in order to advertise other games. We are still supporting (with either gold or money) every national baby boom projects, and we keep on helping countries in every aspect of welcoming new players.

As always, for any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

That is all we prepared for this issue of Admin news. We hope you will enjoy Beyond the Limit, may the best ones win!

Best regards,
eRevollution Team      


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Improve politicat activity! Party and Congress. Add more roles. Show how every congressman votes and who doesn t. Let s parties endorse CP candidates of other party.
@admin makaleyi boşver @unto nun pirincini ver !!!bir1bir
x2 energy - yes for sure.Right now game is slow as hell and i dont think that s attractive to anyone.Also 50 max members per MU could be fun.Would require way more coordination and planing for hits and would make tournaments more interesting.
Erepublik 2 coming Sad
Energy recovery speed: I think it would be ok for permanent, weekly missions, which after a series of blows to provide xenergy or 1k hospital. Each week starts at 0. Regiments are fine, but without limiting the number of UM members
Speed week is good sometimes but not permanently for me.
A). Dividing game in rounds, it would be good but does this means new weps? If yes then no, its too late to change a whole system like this. But if all weps work the same,then yes why not,it will help players from different timezones to be more competitive. And also organized MUs will have to make more OHs, so they will stay active in the game./// B). As i suggested many times, energy system should be modified. Either make it 2x energy permanent,and 3x energy on weekends, or just reduce the timers, because 11.30 hrs recovery during week,is really slow . BUT, you will have to increase food production aswell, We already have limit on companies, we will not be able to make 2x more food companies just to live with this system... So food production increase should go as a packet alongside with this new system./// C). Many countries are dead right now, and having more MPPs it favors more the big countries,than the small ones. As i said in the past,it would be perfect to have just 3 MPPs,so ppl will have to make small alliances of 4 people and enjoy the game by setting small targets./// D). I will pass on this one,because it can be really good or really bad,depends on how players will handle this change if it happen, so i prefer to not talk about it. /// MORE SUGGESTIONS: Despite the known fact that we need players, i believe that at the moment it would be great if people split around the world instead of sitting in 2-3 big countries. It would be awesome also to see new projects around the world,with small teams and some new wars will spice the game (not two sided wars). So i believe that even admin team should push this with some changes,by helping small countries. With tokens for sure (since we lack of ppl) but also with other things ,maybe some small buffs that will help us to compete in the game./// We play a game,flag doesnt matter, if you wanna be patriots do it in real life not in pixels, so get ur friends and split around the world if u want to see future here.! o7
@CGRM +1
something is wrong my reword gold stage - 600 hits - booster q4
@CGRM +2
QUESTIONS: 1. If I produce 10000 raw and my companies use 25000 raw ( I bought extra 15000) do I get 10 points for that 10k raw or i dont get any because i used 15k more? 2. What if I already have Field Hospitals? Should I get points on start or I need to buy them in time of this new event? ANSWERS: 1. Devide battle in 3x8h battles is good. My oponion to make it fun is to make something diferent in every single part of battle. Ex u can use missiles only in 3rd part, RPG only in 2nd part and ofc in all parts u can use q1-q6 weps 2. Yes to x2 energy recovery every day and yes to x3 in tome of weekends and events. 3. Idk 4. Set limits, it would be fun Laugh
@CGRM +3
Gold stage 600.hits
Please gib also sales on special items, training grounds, strategic buildings etc (as you have done many times previously) in order to help people get some more points...
Also, let us move without using cc or gold bit by just using energy... This way, many people could leave the big countries with the bonuses and try to create small communities... It is much better to use some of your energy (50-100) to move and produce on another country that use nearly 1 gold more to do it. Workers would also work an a different country this way cause they won t have to use their wage only to travel
@CGRM +4
+1 Also, let us move without using cc or gold bit by just using energy... This way, many people could leave big countries with bonuses and try to create small communities... It is much better to use some of your energy (50-100) to move and produce in another country that use nearly 1 gold more to do it. Workers would also work at different country this way cause they wont have to use their wage only to travel - nice idea, I will add removing of restriction to buy a company on foreign markets without having the same CS and no tax for contracts Smile As CGRM suggested 2x week permanent with 3x weekend and increasing of food production.
@CGRM +5
booster 3 or 4 ?
@CGRM +6
Generally, I agree with CGRM. MPPs shouldn t be only for big countries. I suggest number of MPP to be 10, but one country to be able to sign MPP with max 20% of the eWorld damage for last week or month. We know now 2-3 country have more then 50% of the damage. If they sign MPP, all will be lost.
Players who do not use packages when x1 is energy can literally log in the morning and evening because they have nothing to do while waiting all day for their energy to be filled. I agree it will always be x2 and on saturdays and sundays x3 or simply when x1 is 10 well / 3 min instead of 10 well / 6 min. We need to find a way for players to return to their countries, not all of us in the USA, I take them as an example because there are most different players around the world. It would be nice to make a tournament, where all countries will be randomly inserted into 2 world federations. Where half the world will fight the other half. Winners (countries of that winning federation)every countrys to receive 50g for win , 2days of gold digging, citizens of that federation food / weapons...
Gold stage first 600 hits, admin says 400 and he says again 600 :/
I have a propose: What if the alliances have more interaction ingame? For example, can work like a MU, for create, a CP have to make a request between another countries and pay a fee, the alliance can choose a capital land and all the people in alliance s countries can go for free to produce in that capital. All the countries in the alliance can mix all their bonus connected (like if the alliance is just one country) it can change completely all the strategic in wars. And... What about if an alliance loose the capital? Simple, the alliance is defeat. This game need a big change in the way to play.
I vote for New MU Gameplay / Locking Entry / Regiment possibility ! o7
-Dividing battles into rounds: Not a good idea, it will degenerate the current system of OHs and will decrease the value of gold (people will monopolize it) -Energy recovery speed: Good idea! the game needs to adjust the overwhelming supply of food in the markets -Lowering MPP limit per country: Good idea! make it 4, so it will balance the power in battles (at least will create new opportunities for alliances) -Limiting MU member list to (for example) 50 members max: Bad idea, some countries rely all their powerin a single MU, if you constraint it, they will be in trouble
-Dividing battles into rounds: I think can be good thing, just will have to rethink value of BH medals in case you want to give one for each round. - Energy recovery speed: x2 permanent i think can be good. - MPP Limit: I think is good to limit to few, 3 or 4. Powerful countries are the one can pay so many MPPs. - Limiting MU member list: I think is not necessary. Suggestions: As player that since start of the game I played as sri lankan, indian, albanian, and north korea citizen, and always tried to attract players to small communities. The main problem of small countries are productivity, why to stay in a small country when you can produce the double of food and weapons in a populated big country? Small countries are not attractive for production mainly. Possible solutions or a mix of them: - Give a low populated + small countries production bonus, as smaller and less populated is the country, a special production bonus can be given to that country for compensate the clear disadvantage towards big countries. - Apply a pollution penalty to big and populated countries, big countries with lot of people receive a negative production % due total ammount of citizens and ammount of regions. - In case production penalties are applied to big countries, building using Hospitals could reduce the impact of negative production penalties in the economy of a country. - Admin Black Market for small countries, just an alternative market available for citizens of small and low populated countries where all products can be brought at a price set by Admin, with prices in local currency (for bring a sense to currencies of small countries). - Resources actually bring +20% bonus in a brand of products. I suggest to bring +100% but only in a type of product, example: fish gives +100% in Q5 food only, Iron gives +100% in Q1 weapons only. Would help a isolated country with 1 region to at least have the chance to produce a product with high productivity. Thanks for reading Laugh
DONT DIVIDE BATTLES IN ROUNDS - people strugle with activity even on 24h battles, and you want to make 8h parts, also there are battles where no one win BH medal, and now you want to implement 3 more periods for it... ENERGY RECOVERY CAN BE CONSTANT - YEP, 2x is fine, make 3x on weekends MPP - I dont care MU 50 LIMIT IS GOOD - Make MU competitive, buy limiting them on 50 players that contribute the most to unit.. NEW IDEA - Make possible to produce 1 energy bar if you transfer 2000energy in it (It can be 1000q1 food, or 500q2 food or 334q3 food 250q4 food and 200q5 food ) 5 energy bars beeing the limit (depending on LVL of your EB Factory - that you will implement in game).
@LordBlackDust, we are against showing who voted for who or which law. Reason why is that is because of possible abuse of players, and we think it is not worth of risking it.
@CGRM A) we won t add new type of weapons into game, if we add it will be Q7 weapon but we are not going to add new set of companies. B) If we do speed up game little bit, we won t change formula for food produce, for now there is so much food in game that we could have x2 recovery 5months without any production. ABOUT SUGGESTION - we will think about some stuff for small countries and how to motivate people play for small countries. Only problem is how can we describe small country, OR what should be trigger between small or big country. I mean when does small country become big or how does big country become small ?
GUYS, PLEAS COMMENT ON THIS IDEA THAT CAN CHANGE FOOD OVERSTOCK PROBLEM: NEW IDEA - Make possible to produce 1 energy bar if you transfer 2000energy in it (It can be 1000q1 food, or 500q2 food or 334q3 food 250q4 food and 200q5 food ) 5 energy bars beeing the limit (depending on LVL of your EB Factory - that you will implement in game).
@Piko I don t know how did you manage to ask that question. You got only points by producing raw in his own companies(buying raw don t bring you any point). About Field Hospitals if you have them you won t get points and you can not buy them again(in translate those points are for those who don t have them to motivate them to buy field hospitals)
@Raiden. We will add new discount but not for now. Also our plan and intentions are for you to travel with Currency, 1Gold is only one expensive way to do it if you don t have Currency at that moment. Also we won t add option to travel with Energy
@D28 we will consider of making Energy Bars with food and new factory for it. @Akhenaton Setepenra we are not favor of black market, we thought to somehow forbid it and make you to use local markets.
@D28, I would even suggest having a single level-able building which is analog to markets in such games as Stronghold or Stellaris - you simply sell anything at very uncomfortable prices to receive some rares - bars, bazookas and etc. with capacity decreasing during the day for every purchase. It could even be premium. Call it _smuggler_ and sell for 5 Euro.
we want x2 Weekly Challenge if we have speed week in erev 1
Mine ideas: -Dividing battles into rounds: NO battle will be minor interesting, but if you glad you can icrease the gold for bh Smile - Energy recovery speed: we can try mpp limit: please increase it and maybe set an ecception who oblige big country to made mpp with 1/2 small countries -Limiting MU member list: why not Smile Please set the possibility in store to buy some new land (maybe limited, too) because more energy recover = more spend food = more spend money = or shop gold or delete.
@Uladzimir, you mean some building where you could disamble products for some RPG or Energy Bar ?
@admin I mean show votes only in Congress, not in elections. I don t see the problem there. We the people need to see how our representatives votes.
Stupid mission... Stupid updates... Gold buyers, yeah, soemthign for them. nothing for normal palyers
useless mission ever (sorry i forgot flappy bird Laugh )
so if the country only has like 4 ppl they automatically win???
so if the country only has like 4 ppl they automatically win???