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Published in Serbia - Social interactions and entertainment - 14 Oct 2018 03:10 - 0

Like name of this newspaper, there will be only quality content (probably not).

First things first, o world. I'm BuLato, guy who doesn't use credit card. I'm from Serbia, where crisis leads, like in the rest of the world, i guess. Tomorrow is an important day. There will be 2 events.

First is congress elections. The day after tomorrow every country will have their congress. A few days later the game will really begin. Wars will start, competition between countries who will get all resources first will start and most importantly FUN will start.

Next event,

Training Center (TC) Quality 2 will be available to be purchased. Everyone is obsessed with TC. No one wants to be late with strength. I think tomorrow will start first real battle in game, Battle of training center. Same thing like world war xD. I think it will look like this:

BTW this is battle for chicken in Serbian new supermarket " Lidl ". I'll just say "Hunger is a miracle". Anyway, tomorrow will be an interesting day for our game. We will see how good community will p this challenge. This is the first step of becoming a world super power.



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