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Helloeveryone, the Admin article came out today and after reading what’s in it I’m
inclined to believe that they have a desire to work on the game and help us,the
players,have more fun in it.

My ideas for the game are thefollowing:for more pleasant gaming, more player activity via more interesting
stuff to do and thus more time spend on the game.

The military module should bechanged.The battles shouldn’t be 24 hours format and be decided in the last
minute.This isn’t fun for anyone anymore.
Example 1 . 1-11 rounds eachround for 2 hours.The country that manages to get 6 rounds first,wins the

Example 2 – for me it’s the best idea . 21 rounds , with 11 rounds the country wins the battle, but .
each round is 2 hours,but itcan finish earlier .
For eachround the country that leads in the battle wins 10 points.The total number of
points could be 1300,and in the final minute it would give 20 points so to
avoid a tie if the countries are equal and to avoid a 600 – 600 result.The
country that gets first to 700 points wins the round,which can happen in 70
minutes or 120 minutes.The idea is for the battles not to be 21 rounds per 2
hours,almost 2 days,but for players to spend some more time in the game and to
avoid the current style of play where the battle starts at 22;00 and you know
if you want to win it you have to be here 21;50 tomorrow.

All laws should be acceptedinstantaneously after 70-80 % of the congressmen have given their vote,and not
wait 24 hours.I believe that swiftness and activity is important and this is a
way to help promote activity.Just a quick example.1 country proposes war vs
another.The country that has started the vote first will be able to attack
first which shouldn’t be like that.

Thereshould be also items with different stats to boost your game that will help
bring more diversity to the game.All of you have played a MMORPG for example
know what I’m talking about – boots,pants,gloves and stuff that give bonuses
like critical hit,a chance for a double hit or whatever we can think of.I think
this would really make the game unique.
Eachprofile can begin with a 15 % chance or some other percentage to miss a hit and
there could be items to fix this and make this percentage to 0.
Any itemcan be picked up from a different place – for example an item can be dropped
from fighting in a battle,from travelling, some could be only bought from the
markets, others can be dropped from production and so on and so on.

One of the problems of thegame is that it doesn’t really have all that many new players.In Erev1 there is
a weekly goal of 1000 hits with gifts, here we can have something similar, a
competition, where the player who brought the most active players(not multies!)
each month be rewarded with something.This would be another boost for the
players to search for new players.

And aboutthe daily quests – something a bit more elaborate than that could be added.
Each day you must make 5 hits(500 energy) in 5 different battles and it would
give you bars and weapons.For example 10 bars and 50 RPG.The bars so you can
recharge your energy,after all that would be 2500 energy thrown in battles.

Each evening there could be atournament between the countries with 3 rounds where a country would win if it
wins 2 out of 3 rounds.Whoever wins it gets a gold mine for the next day
or  suitcase with rewards that he can
open the next day and in that suitcase there could be some modest rewards.Also
those tournaments could be added during the day as well,the goal would be to
have more battles and the rewards would be so that to recharge the energy lost
as to not interfere with other major battles.To some degree there could also be
items that would be dropped from this tournament.There could be a 1on1 between
the players or 5v5 or 10v10 and still have some rewards for it.

 Aboutproduction – Companies in the Military units.Each one who finishes the daily
quest brings 1 work token for the MU companies.In the MU there could be a
specific amount of Lands for companies or an unlimited one,whatever admin team
decides and those companies  could be
only  used with work tokens not working
as manager so even if the unit has 10000 companies it wouldn’t be able to use
them if there are no players to bring work tokens.So this way the military unit
would be a bit more independent and the active players of the unit would bring
work tokens that the captains would distribute back to them at some point.

Having aweekly tournament that would be something like thisCountriesare divided into the following groups(just an example so you’d get where im
going with this)The countries are 76
For example8 groups of 8 countries(the countries with 0 active players wouldn’t compete)
First group – a group of the 8 most biggest countries ,second group the group
with the next 8 most big countries and so on and so on.
Here comes the interesting part.Each day,eachcountry would have 4 battles during those 7 days.Each country would play 4
battles with each other countries.The battles would be on a 6 hours breaks so
to have them on different time zones and so to not have only countries from
Europe benefit for example.

Eachbattle would be for 1 hour for example and it would be on the principle of
gathering point.This would be vital as to avoid having to decide the winner in
the last possible second,because, as I said,it is kind of stupid to have 59 of
a battle where no one fights and then in the last second someone wins it with a
few hits.

Theother thing I would recommend about those battles is the following
Soto not interfere with the other battles in terms of energy,damage and
organization I would 

suggestwith starting the battle for the tournament each player would have different
500 energy that is given to him only for using in the tournament.Also the
energy recharging for those battles should be greater.For example for each 10
or 5 minutes you can recharge 50 or 100 energy.No using weapons or buffs in
those battles,the idea is pure activity of the players and the most important,
the most important thing for winning those battles will be the activity of the
players before anything else.So this way country number 8 can win over country
number 1 if it has enough active players in the right time.

 The ideafordistribution of the groups is such because the rewards otherwise will be won
by a few countries always while smaller countries would never get to win
The rewardscould be unique.For example1 %production.If right now it is 100,the country can get 101 % for the next day1-2 %deffence if the country is attacked the attackers would have less damageGold andcurrency1-2 % bonusattack+50 baseenergy – every player gets 550 instead of 500 to start his energy clean withThis waysmaller countries would be able to benefit a lot if they are active enough to
win their leagues.

The numbers are just forexample, the idea is that this tournament be made weekly so that the active
countries can get rewarded for their efforts in the game by more
productivity,more attack bonuses and such.
Ofcourse,there could be a lot of players who can organize themselves and go to
some dead country so as to win the rewards for themselves,but that would harm
them in their quest for full bonuses, also there would be other countries in
those lower leagues with players doing the same thing they are so it really
would be tricky for them.Most important thing would be to increase activity in
the game and I believe that my ideas would work well should they be installed
one way or the other in the game.

The good thing about thosegroups would be that the weaker countries would be able to get more bonuses for
productivity and a higher damage for defence or attack and with time that could
help lure some more players in and make them even stronger to balance out the
difference between them and the most powerful countries.
I reallyhope you enjoyed my ideas. Please, share your opinions if you like any of the
ideas and if all of this seems good to everyone I would hope that the Admin
team would listen.

I wouldlike to thank Boikov for translating my article. 



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Hahhahahhaha what shiti ideas for rounds.. We are not nolifers..
Ma ne bi ovo pročitao za dukat. Puko si ti skroz na skroz. Ludnice ti sebi kakve nadji.
I think most of this ideas were copied from other similar games Sad
Admin, please explain why this moderator suddenly became srilanka citizen www.erev2.com/en/profile/191
To much text, fck I cant read no moreeeeeeeeee aaaaaa
Hello Atilla, thank you for your proposals and that you took time to write proposals and spent your time to us. 1) we won t change duration of battles, reason why is. This is game if we change it and make it fast a lot, game would become responsibility and we don t want that to happen. Also some players don t want round and some want, let s say its around 50-50 for Y/N. So we won t add that 2) It s same thing as i wrote up, players would have responsibility to play in game not to enjoy. But we will discuss about this matter in Admin Team to maybe make some changes similiar 3) this is interesting idea, we will try to find out something make it more ... attractive 4) we are not fun of these ideas, making companies in some cloud solution like MU or ORG or how ever we could call it. And for sure we won t make it. and we are planing do limit number of players per MU so we can implement new Military Unit module in game 5) we won t add anything which last less than 24hrs, we don t think that is smart idea. For concept, we made already some concept with players not with countries, problem with countreis is how can we know which country is strong, we do not interfere in game, there isn t any constant in game which couldn t be easily violated into your benefit so we could decide power of Country. And for sure we don t and we won t interfere in that who is stronger. I don t want even write how much disaster and disorder would that make. We all saw what happened in past with some players believing and trying to blackmail administration.
I understood nothing from your writing, but at the same time, I understood everything without even reading it. Guess why?