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welcome to September edition of Admin news. Summer is slowly coming to an end, we hope you had a great vacation and are ready for further accomplishments in school, work and of course, eRev2!

We hope you enjoyed Beyond the limit, especially since it was completely new event, not similar to anything you might have seen on any kind of similar game. Don t forget today is the last day of tournament, push hard to your limits win prizes you deserve

Without further ado, let s see what lies ahead, what events and updates we can expect:


A new set of missions* will take place from September 9th until October 13th. There will be a total of 50 missions which we hope you will enjoy doing, and that many of you will receive Quest Hero medals.

*For those of you who are unfamiliar with the missions concept, here are the basics:
1. First up, you will receive 9 gray “basic” missions
2. Upon their completion, 3 sets of missions will appear:
           3 blue missions (Business category)
           3 green missions (Soldier category)
           3 red missions (Adventure category)
3. Once you complete 3 missions from one category, another 3 will open, and it will go like that until you complete all the missions from all categories; there will be 12 Business missions, 12 Soldier missions and 12 Adventure missions
4. When all of the missions from all categories are successfully completed, 4 golden missions will appear
5. Once the golden missions are finished, you will receive one final mission, which will award you Quest Hero medal upon completion
6. From October 1st, you will be able to finish them using gold; until that point, the only way to pass a mission is to fulfill its task.

Change in energy recovery formula and training ground

Up until now, energy was recovered at rate of 10 energy points every 6 minutes (active house restoration not included), and during x2 Speed Week, it would take 3 minutes for 10 energy points to restore.

From now on, base energy will restore at rate of 10 energy points every 4 minutes (which means that if you activate q5 house, its -60sec energy recovery time will lower your energy recovery speed down to 3 minutes for 10 energy points).
Of course, that means that during Speed Week(end)s energy will recover at rate 10 energy per 2 minutes (1 minute with activated q5 house), but note that Speed Weeks won t occur every weekend, and you will be notified when it does.

We lifted the bar for receiving bonus strength from 5500 to 7000 strength points.

Resources distribution change

Resources change will take place during next month, new resources locations are entered in the system, the only thing left now is to wait.We are considering lowering the number of rare resources, so please write your opinion on the matter in the comments.
Also, we will be introducing couple of new things on that date as well, one of them being claiming daily rewards for active players.

Random things we discussed in last Admin article

Last time, we threw couple of ideas to hear your opinion on them, and we would like to list the conclusions:
    We will NOT introduce rounds in battles, normal 24h period will remain; we were not completely interested in the idea in the first place, and players are also not supporting it;

    We are, however, still looking in ways to limit amount of members in Military Unit; we are preparing a whole new Military Unit game-play for you, and it simply won t make sense if the amount of members of a Military Unit is unlimited

    We are making plan of some kind of week event which would be active permanently and give prizes by daily tasks(under construction)

    We support idea to help small countries, but we can not find way how to define small country or when small country become BIG country. If you have some kind of idea, how can we define it(without easy possibility from players to exploit it) please contact us or write comment below

    We won t change travel options.

    MPP, some of you are for lowering it some of you are for rising it. So we will stick for this one system.We are honestly afraid if we lower it that you will abandon more countries than now and go to 2-3 countries. 

    We won t add black market in game because we don t support that idea, we are even thinking how to improve marketplace on national scale. We won t to make national markets stronger than black one, that you rather use national market than black one.
We ll also send some rewards for those who were active in our conversation in last article sending us ideas and their review of game.

Removing moderators

There have been a few complaints by certain players regarding moderator position abuse and such. We don t know what you think their jurisdictions were, but we feel obliged to explain some things. The sole purpose of moderators has always been to assist other players and not punish them. Cases they wrote were always double-checked by admins, which then decide about the penalties for those players. They could see basic transactions and logs, but not what you had in your inventory. No one had access to your personal information, e-mails, the amount of gold you bought, nothing. Every mute, every ban, every company removal or training center downgrade was done by us, after thorough check of validity for such action. There was never space for any of them to abuse their role, they are players just like you, with the exception of political module, they were just required to stay away from it just in case, and treat every player equally.

But, we decided to turn a new leaf, and therefore we are removing moderator positions. Absolutely all of the work will be done by admins alone, and hence we are obligated to warn you - due to the massive amount of work we will need to do on top of our general errands, we will no longer warn people for violating rules and reminding them of it, or making pleas to (for example) return the items or gold in order to avoid penalties - we will be acting on it straight away. Keep the rules in mind (you can always find them on the bottom of page on tab RULES), don t violate them, if you are not sure, better to ask and clear things out straight away, than lamenting later.

As always, for any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

With this, we conclude this issue of Admin news. Until next time, we hope you will enjoy the missions and other updates we have prepared for you.

Best regards,
eRevollution Team      


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Open New server
very good action by admin
good work by admin
good work admin Wink
Bravo !!!
Ya veremos
Hade pisan euy...
Good o7
Any reward for 1st Anniversary? 😜 good job
Good o7
Borringggg..... Sad
✌️🇲🇽🤝 o7
Missions are something old and we have seen that give us something new.
Say x2 if you want a new server
win prizes you deserve iksde
Make it impossible for a country to reach 100 bonuses . It will be more interesting to have many countries with 80 bonuses
Nice o7
Beyond the limit was good event! The missions are bored and please do not add the rw s one s, in change Change in energy recovery formula ok but add more lands, please (or permit to buy it). Are you sure that we will stay better without mod? If they can t really do anything to accounts i do not understand why you was fired it. Anyway make this server better becouse now is boring e cost too much Sad
closed game erev2
I suggest 2 solutions: 1- For what can be considered small country: make the average number of active players between the first 5 countries (as per erev2tools: Bulgaria 163/ USA 129 / Serbia 95 / Peru 73/ KSA 70 then divided by 5 = 105, then the 10% of it would be 10,5 so result is 11. Then any country with less 11 citizens I think is a good number to be considered as small country. Regarding Bonuses, I insist, maybe a possible solution for small countries is that the Bonus (Iron, Fish, etc..) dont add 20% in production of weapons, food, houses. Make it add 100% in a type of Quality. For example Iron to add 100% production in Q1 and Q2 weapons. Small countries will be attractive for produce at least some few items in equal chances than big countries, that obviously like now, will get all bonuses for all Q s of items. Good luck o7
removing moderatos is very good decision, congrats about that
Very good work Admins !!!!
@admins regarding small country the last contest was perfect to see where are it! If in a country leaderbord of the Beyond The Limits there are 8-20 citizen with plus than 20 points is a small country, if there are minor then 8 citizen wiith plus than 20 points is a dead country for me is simple Wink
Sal gelsin good job
Number of rare resources are low enough 🤦‍♂️
Admin! No sé si traducen los comentarios... AGREGUE UNA NUEVA MEDALLA, sobre las horas permanecidas en el juego, muchos no somos visas, también queremos ganar algo de oro extra... MISIONES DIARIAS o SEMANALES NUEVAS: para la parte de la producción, como por ejemplo produce 500 unidades de armas/pan o produce 1000 de raw, o produce una casa...
Small country is a country which has a population less than 50% of average citizens in other countries. Lets say that there is 100 countries and 100 000 total citizens (-banned) so that means that in each country there should be 1 000 citizens. If country X has less than 500 citizens it can be considered as a small country. Or we could add one more rule to it, if population is less than 50% of average and if there are less than 1% of total eRev 2 citizens. You could add rule like this: in any country there must be at least 10 000 cc. Also travel costs 40 cc so at least 20 cc should go in treasury of a small country. And from 1g cost of travel 0.5 should go to treasury of a small country, but in a big countries (or not-small countries) it should be 5-10 cc and 0.1-0.3 cc or something like this, I m just showing an example. Or you should make traveling to small countries cost 20cc and 0.5g
@Akhenaton Setepenra I m sorry brother, I did not see your comment until I wrote mine, so please don t think that I stole an idea from you Smile But I like your idea too
Okay time for gamedesign, wait for it.
About small countries, the damage is most important. Take damage made from each country for some period (week, month), find the average of damage. Which country have less then average of the damage is small country. Or can be potential damage from one hit. Count potential damage which can make all citizens in every country. Find the average of potential damage from all countries. Which country have less then average of potential damage, is small. I suggest also to restrict possibility to change citizenship. One time per month is enough. Who change citizenship, can do this again after one month.
fix mechanics in government gold and money giving to presidents because in my country players which were presidents abuse that and steal government gold and a lot of people left the game because of that
I am 100% sure that serbs were complaining about smth, they always do and they always abuse rules
small country is a country that have less than 10% of active players in active country....think we have 100 players in USA that they are active in last 7 days and USA was the high rate base on 10%....if any country have less than 10 active players...its called small country..........about citizenship that @alcek suggest...i think its good but must punish player by some damage reduction for 10 day...for example reduce his damage potential 10% and also countries for accepting new cs must have limit in 1 month..just 10 or 15 cs request can be accept in one period of each government (if CP or government changed in this period, changed not important and just period end by election on 5th of month)
beautygirl You cannot reduce your damage potential. This is damage that you make with one hit. Also change of citizenship should to be restricted to one change per month.
Small country is Daily X = No of Active Players Daily/Countries and that if the X of country is 30% it is a small country, ex X of USA (biggest country) is 100, while in Russia there is only 10 Players, Therefore 30% of USA is 30 , but Russia 30, therefore and it is a small country