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This article aims to enlighten people regarding the tactics that are used during wars. It will highlight the benefits and consequences of war.

eRevollution is a game full of terms and titles that we players often condense into acronyms. While they're quite handy, there are so many that it isn’t hard to forget some here and there. This aims to aid all players--new and old--in remembering the most common acronyms that you might need to know for this article

General Acronyms

PTO = Political Takeover
ETO = Economic Takeover
ATO = Anti-Takeover (blocking a PTO/ETO)
MPP = Mutual Protection Pact
RW = Resistance War
TW = Training War
NE = Natural Enemy
RM = Raw Materials
FRM = Food Raw Materials
SRM = Ship Raw Materials
WRM = Weapon Raw Materials
HRM = House Raw Materials
MM = Monetary Market
DO/BO = Daily Order/Battle Order
MU = Military Unit
Multi(s) = Multi-Account, Multiple Account(s)
Admin = eRevollution Staff/Administrators/Moderators
Tank = Someone doing large amount of damage (Usually has high strength)
VISA = Someone who buys lots of gold using RL cash
2-clicker = A player who is no longer active and only logs in to work/train/fight
RL/IRL = Real Life/In Real Life
TP = True Patriot
TA = True Ally
RH = Resistance Hero
BH = Battle Hero
G/g = Gold
Q/q = Quality
Q1/Q5 = Quality 1/Quality 5/etc.
Wep /s = Weapons
Helios/Airs = Helicopters
TR = True Revolutionary
ED = Energy Drinks(1 ED recovers 100 energy)
LK = Life Kits (Recovers % amount of energy, it depends on the quality of the LK)
NAP = Non-Aggression Pact
Wiped/Wipe = Having 0 regions left/Taking all the regions from a country

General Principles

The eRevollution military mechanics follow a certain number of principles and planning. It is a bit like chess, as soon as you understand the rules you can play it. So let’s get started!

The basics:

1. Only the Country President may open a Declaration of war with the approval of Congress after 24h voting.
2. Only the country President and Secretary of Defense may attack regions after the Declaration of war has been successfully opened.
3. Mutual Protection Pacts are laws that are required for allies to be able to directly fight for your country and the other way around. If a country gets wiped out of the map, all MPPs that country had are canceled until it comes back via Resistance Wars.
      As soon as the country has at least one region, it may sign MPPs again normally.

Now there are a lot of concepts you need to get familiar with:

Battle types

MPP Battle - This happens when one of our allies is involved in any military conflict, be it as an attacker or defender (it requires approved MPP for Ex:USA  to participate). This means you can set Daily Order to fight for your ally without moving to their territory.

Land Battle - This happens when a battle is fought in a land region. A land region is a region that’s inland. In a land battle, you can fight with missiles, RPG, Tanks, Helicopters, and Weapons.

Mobile Battle - This happens when in a circumstance you don’t have an MPP  with one of your allies OR the battle in question is a resistance war. You can set Daily Order here but in this type of battle moving to a region owned by the country in question is required. Some details in here:
If the battle in question is an MPP battle for which the Ex: USA has no MPP signed with either side, in order to participate, the soldiers are required to move to either a region owned by the side you wish to fight for OR a region of an allied country of the country you wish to fight for. The same applies if Ex:USA has MPP with both sides in the battle in question. In this case, you need to move in order to fight.
If the battle in question is a resistance war, a few small details apply:    

    If the resistance war was opened by Ex:USA in a core USA region that is occupied by another country, you do not need to move.
    If the resistance war is between two countries completely different from Ex:USA, if you move to a region owned by the occupying country, you’ll be fighting for them. If you, however, move to the region where the RW actually happened, the game allows you to pick for which side to fight: Resistance or the country suffering the RW. In either case, you need to move.
    Traveling costs 50 CC

Direct battle - This is the type of battle where the Ex:USA directly attacks regions at the order from the President of the United States. This is viewed as an MPP battle by our allies and they can likewise support it by setting DOs accordingly. In our case, our soldiers are not required to move to any region in specific in order to fight in this type of battle.

    This is the most profitable type of battle because when you deal certain of damage you get TP medal which is 5g. The government usually hand out Q5 Helicopters to their soldiers for them to deal higher damage.

    Resistance Wars - This type of battle is opened in order for an occupied country to gain its regions back without declaring war to the occupying country. In the event, a country is erased (wiped) from the map, this type of battle is the only way for that country to come back to the map since the President won’t be able to declare war anyone due to lack of territory. This is the almost the same as Direct Battle but this time your allies can’t fight for you. In order for them to participate, they have to move to a region your country owns or the region the RW is taking place.
Planning and strategy

1. There are lots of things to consider while defending a country or invading a country. Even more, if you are working in an alliance and there are several fronts to take care of, so I’ll point out how some alliances clify the battles in their own:
2. Important battle - You can usually see this type of battles as priority one in the alliance google spreadsheets. The reason is usually simple: It is either a tough country to hit against or there’s strategic value in the region it’s being taken.
3. Drain battle - Drain battles are what you’d call a diversion. These battles are opened on many fronts in order to force the enemy to spend damage in useless battles while the alliance gets full focus on the important fronts. It is a very commonly used strategy. Typically Resistance wars are used for this but direct battles may be done that way as well.

Things to consider before striking a region and planning an invasion:

1. Look at the map and check which enemy regions border your regions. If there’s only one region, it’s pretty straightforward, if there’s more you’ll need to think what else is at play in there.
2. After you know which regions you can strike, check which regions would have negative economic impact on the enemy if taken (namely regions that hold important bonuses. You can view that in the economy page in any country page) - Regions that would have an impact on food and weapons production should take priority over the rest. It’s very logical: if the enemy has fewer bullets to fight with, he will deal less damage.
3. Ask yourself the question: Am I attacking this country alone or will have I support? How will that support come? Will this invasion negatively impact my country in any way? If so how? List all of the possible, leave nothing out because it may come and bite you later Unexpectedly. 
    If the support comes from MPPs, then most likely you can pull the trigger and expect your allies to come rush into the battle.If the support comes from several countries attacking and ganging on the same enemy, then pay very close attention to the regions that border those countries as well. This is important so that your attack doesn’t cut an allied front!

     4. Check if the target region has any hospital or defensive system. 

    If the region has a hospital, it means the people stationed in that region will have an extra 50 wellness/ health per Q of the hospital to deal once per day which will likely make the battle harder.
    If the region has a Defensive system, the attacker is penalized in 5% less damage per Q of the set DS. So for example, if you attack a region with a Q5 defensive system, all hits from the attacker side will be penalized in 25% less damage output.

     5. Prime time of the enemy and your country prime time. This is also an obvious thing to consider: If you attack during an enemy prime time, there is a high chance that the enemy will be able to rush the battle in the last minutes. If you attack during your prime time and you know the enemy is not as active during that time, you can guarantee your people to rush and win the battle in the last minutes. Timezones have a great importance here as well.

    There are ways to neutralize the effects of prime time. Instead of rushing at the end of the battle, rush at the beginning of the battle. A good wall meaning you're leading a battle by x amount of damage. A good wall is when your leading 700 million to 1 billion damage and up. If you make a good wall at a beginning of the battle then the battle is already won and there no way the enemy can win the battle unless they sacrifice a lot of ED, Life Kits and supplies. 
What to consider while defending:

1. Basically, you have to think in the inverse way as an invader would. So look at the map and see which regions would have an impact in your economy, which ones have DS/Hospital and which ones are landing spots for your enemies.
2. Protect your capital AT ALL COSTS. Losing the capital means losing access to ALL BONUSES AND MPP which makes defense a lot harder from there and it means you have to propose a law to change the capital which takes 24h to p.
3. If your country is in an alliance, work with it. If not, ask the countries that have MPP with you to send help.
    Most countries sign NAP when their last region is about to be attacked to minimize the losses. Signing a NAP usually leads to m propaganda, insulting your decisions and such but they say a wise man knows when to advance or retreat. Sometimes signing a NAP is what's best for your country long term. The economic impact of a wipe is very large, especially for 2-clickers. Most countries after they get deleted for week(s) see a decrease in 2-clicker lation and loss of income.
More mechanics to know:

Understanding “initiative

1. An initiative is defined as the power to strike when there’s a direct war open.
2. After a Declaration of War pes, the attacker holds initiative for 24h, which means the attacker can strike any region held by the enemy during that time.
    If no regions are attacked after 24h, BOTH sides hold initiative which means both can attack. However, the first to attack gains initiative.
    After a battle is won, the victor gains initiative. For example: USA declares war against Spain and attacks Galicia. After the battle for Galicia, USA lost. This means that Spain can now attack any American region for the next 24h whereas the USA can’t do anything. If the USA won, then the USA would keep initiative for another 24h.
    You can only attack one region at a time on each open war. 
       3. Beware of Resistance Wars - If your country is occupying a region from another country and a RW is opened, regardless of the result of the RW,       your country will be in cooldown for 24h. This cooldown means you CANNOT start any RW until the cooldown is over.

    If the RW was opened on a rightful region of USA but the region is not currently under USA domain, the cooldown will not affect the USA.
    RWs can be used to make sure the enemy loses initiative regardless of the battle result. It is also a very common move when it is possible to use.
Shock attacks

This is a strategy used by any alliance and most countries in order to rapidly turn battles favorable:

1. During the last 10 minutes of a battle, all allied countries are rushed into the battle in order to go full force on it. During those 10 minutes, we have seen madness damage of countries dropping over 800 million to billions of damage in a matter of minutes. This is the sort of thing that can only be done through a coordinated effort.
2. During the first hour, a battle is opened, all allied countries or the country attacking even defending country attempt to build a wall. We have seen walls that have gone up to 8+ billion and higher in just 1 hour. 

The article was initially tailored for eRev1 but was never published. If you see any discrepancies or mistakes feel free to point them out. 



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