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Hi dear guys
its my first article that i published
 please give vote to it and support my idea  for request admin that give us discount to making hyper bars

high rate of votes can it possible that admin give us discount.....please support it by your VOTE


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= +5489 Laugh
No, go away. Missions shouldn t be easy literally for everyone.
100g is nothing
then give me some 100 gold
It would be something unfair for those we already have to produce the hyperbar
well you need 140g
Perhaps im wrong,but maybe there will be discount for game s birthday on 6th of October.Not that that will make any difference for the players who want to make the mission now,but just a thought i m having.
I hope admin attention to this top article and give us discount soon......its request of players that want admin give them discount.....@admin dont forget endorse my article