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dear readers, hello!
im chris, and this is my legendary e-newspaper, the fighting independent !
this is a very old newspaper, founded since day 341 in here, but it was also founded on an old blog website in the date of 01/07/2013, back when i was new in discussing the articles and topics of various online games, and hence why this e-newspaper is both OLD, legendary and quite awesome.

i ve been writting about various games that i liked, some that were so-so, and about a few that i really didnt liked.
many topics were analysed, many things were discussed, and quite often, i had a good and healthy debate with my subscribers, who often talked to me about those things in the comments section.

and you might ask me: well, that s all fine and good, chris, but what does this have to do with THIS game, here?
i will tell you:
on this version of my epic e-newspaper, i shall discuss mostly about the duels, battles and political/social issues of our e-lands, as well as the funny happenings of our everyday e-lives.

for the moment, i shall state that e-uruguay is a great e-nation, full of many cool and friendly people, who are trying to be active, energetic, and creative in every field of their work in this community.

so far, its really nice in here, and i will try to help them as much as i can.

thats it for now:
wait until next time,  and keep subscribing+posting to my newspaper, please!


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Vote and sub. Sub back ty.
I support you, s+v+e
Go buy starter pack if you want play game
Gl my friend
Hello,I am Hanna by name please kindly email me at   i have an important urgent information to give You. Hope to read your mail. Thanks    
This article should be in spanish, but I am no one to judge Wink
i thank you all, my good people! pleas keep voting, reading and commenting on my newspaper! also sub for a sub, plz! thanks!