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In this article i will be just saying the prices between Q1 and Q5
Food Q1: 0.001g to 0.005g per 1
The prices are different between people who are selling it but because it s the lowest one with practically giving you very little for what you pay for.
Food Q5: 0.010g to 0.050g per 1
All though people are trying to raise up the prices for the food i think that we can still get 1k energy for 1g or 100 Q5 Food.

                                                                       Weapons Q1: 0.005g to 0.015g per 1
The price of the Q1 weapon is depending on the people in different countries , in more richer countries i think it s little bit cheaper..

Weapons Q5: 0.5g to 0.8g per 1
The prices for Q5 weapons are very very high and you can still get some cheaper but i doubt it , the most required thing in the game is Q5 weapons beside Food.

People stop trying to raise up the prices for Food it s still early game and new people are joining every minute! If you want to profit just keep it a bit longer!



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Selling Q3 Weaps 0.4G/10 Selling 900e/1G o7 Cheeky
Sell q5 weps
selling Q5 weap send me MP
Sell Wep Q1 0.12G/10
Selling 100 q5 food for 1g. sub 4 sub