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In this article i will be just saying the prices between Q1 and Q5
Food Q1: 0.001g to 0.005g per 1
The prices are different between people who are selling it but because it's the lowest one with practically giving you very little for what you pay for.
Food Q5: 0.010g to 0.050g per 1
All though people are trying to raise up the prices for the food i think that we can still get 1k energy for 1g or 100 Q5 Food.

                                                                       Weapons Q1: 0.005g to 0.015g per 1
The price of the Q1 weapon is depending on the people in different countries , in more richer countries i think it's little bit cheaper..

Weapons Q5: 0.5g to 0.8g per 1
The prices for Q5 weapons are very very high and you can still get some cheaper but i doubt it , the most required thing in the game is Q5 weapons beside Food.

People stop trying to raise up the prices for Food it's still early game and new people are joining every minute! If you want to profit just keep it a bit longer!



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Selling Q3 Weaps 0.4G/10 Selling 900e/1G o7 Cheeky
Sell q5 weps
selling Q5 weap send me MP
Sell Wep Q1 0.12G/10
Selling 100 q5 food for 1g. sub 4 sub