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Hi Dear eRev Citizens!

Today I decided to increase the population of Tolerance :) yes it is. I am making a Lottery. You can win. You will win! 

Winners will be chosen with There will be 3 winners. for the rules and rewards look below.

Here are the rewards:
1th Winner : 250 golds
2nd Winner : 150 golds
3rd Winner : 100 golds

Here are the rules:
2) You must subscribe Tolerance and you must like this article.
3) You must make a comment in this article. 
4) You must donate at least 100 money (with your currency) - (Donate In-Article: 4 x 25)
5) You must contact me about you completed. (In-Game message)
6) You must share this article on global chat of eRev. 

Hope you will win :)


To win the rewards, Tolerance must have more than 100 subscribers :)


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