The Target

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The greek government has so far been deserving of only the utmost respect when it comes to emergency material and monetary aid, organization, salaries et al. Both our honorable President and Prime Minister have proven themselves as among the most charismatic and visionary leaders in world history, ceaselessly proving their devotion to the truly important goals of this country. Goals undertaken by many great men throughout the war-ridden , chequered history of our blessed land. Goals that Greeks are born branded with, like a divine calling reverberating through millenia, burnt in our hearts.

However, dear compatriots and honorable readers, I dare to ask:
How are we expected to believe that being asked to put our lives and resources at stake for an ally that has not only been but a mere hindrance to these aforementioned goals, but also has many times over tried to actively appropriate this great history of ours, one written in greek blood and spoken in  the anguished cries of many, how are we expected, I say, to believe that such a venture is for the best interest of our country and its people?

I do not wish to point fingers, or question our great government s motives, which as I have stated above, seem to align with the greek people s holy duty towards this forsaken and Godless world, and for which I, as I am certain many of my compatriots and honorable readers, would gladly shed blood and spare hot lead, through storm, snow and fire. I must, regardless, pose this question, as a true concern of the very people that have elected this government to lead them to the glory of the olden days. Is this a means to a greater end? Another necessary evil perhaps, that greeks must again be forced to see through to the finish, in order to one day enjoy the fruits of their arduous effort? Is it mayhaps an error of previous governments, now honored in accordance to an unshakeable law? Or is it maybe a mere strategic act? A ploy, that will serve as a stepping stone to our great endeavors?
What say the heads of our government? And wherein lies the truth, as per this questionable allegiance with cockroaches and mongers of lies and historical fraud and deception?

The Target, aims not to undermine, nor to criticize. It aims only to closely observe and phrase in writing, the concerns that linger on the lips of many. It aims to dare and ask the hard questions, and serve as a constant reminder, both to the people AND the government ruling them, of the true Target, the one true goal of this country.

For now, Pelasgos. So long.


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The Target, aims not to undermine, nor to criticize , questionable allegiance with cockroaches