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Comments (41)

hail GERMANY 🇩🇪 🇩🇪
Hail Germany o7
hail Germany o7
It is not a good idea for this name of MU!!!
why kosignas?
Tovar will tell you why Laugh
Hail Germany o7
Hail Stalingrad o7
Stupid kids.... like stupid BGs
Kosingas - if we follow your arguments and discussion, we must delete and punish Germany... we are from Georgia, in WW II the highest % of died soldiers (from country population) were from Georgia. this is only game
Wow. You guys are disgusting.
Stupid Nazis. You could at least be a bit discrete about it.
Lets delete Nazis
dise mu mous tot
Jagermeister would be at least a funny name.
i think, you guys don`t have anything to do and find a news and try to do something... :/
Für mich ist gleich egal aber wenn das jemand stört.. Hallo Man
I dont care if some dont like i dont like many things too
Shame shame shame shame shame
Said by traitor
You are traitor of Georgia that is important.I dont care Germany and your lovely hitler
Wadi bijobtavi gamanebe geubnebi ase ajobebs xo waxvedi xoda mixede rac maq xdeba imas aqet agaraa sheni saqme araferi
Kai hitler
hail kvii
You had millions of other names to choose and you decided to go with this... And it is funny how you act surprised about it... Would you have the same tolerance if I used a name that offends Georgia? I know that so many people died during the WW2, many died in Greece too, but this is not an excuse to use this name... People died because of starvation, torture or got executed by the Nazis...
Raiden, did you asked me when you choos your name? or, do you really think that your ideas are interesting for us???? also, Mein Kampf is biographical book about Hitler, it is very interesting, you can read it. also Mein Kampf means my battle which is thematic with Germany MU
Thematic with Germany MU? Yeah, that is the problem. You are nazis. The book has been banned in almost all western countries that all have very liberal fre of speech laws. Still, you do not see why it is a problem? Pathetic.
liberal free speech laws = ban, topkek The book is legal in most places in all of the West World just because people can see why it is hated and proclaimed as evil. You people who yell blindly without even understanding what you are saying.
@Hereli Are you kidding me? Raiden is a hero on mortal combat (it is a video game), the only way to offend you is only if a friend of yours keeps beating you on it with him and this is not even close to what is happening here... Raiden is not a real life mass murderer nor anything related to him, he is fiction... You cannot compare apples with cars cause they are different
Speaking of the subject - Mein Kampf is absolutely boring from chapter one onwards. I am surprised how somewhat half adult Germans got fooled with it at the time. But really guys, the name is not successful. You could say you do not care of our opinion, but, wait, why do you publish article then?
For our ppl and who interested to join us
Vote and good luck!
ban this name of mu
MU name wont change! Its only name if MU and this is only game go burn books if you want chamge something Cheeky
This it s insulting and unacceptable!