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Its no secret that game is not what it used to be so here in USA many of us are either two-clicking or slowly losing interest in this game.We had a great time and many wars and we proved to everyone who we are and what we are made off.

The decision to drop the Mexico mpp and get the Bulgaria one was simple.Mexico is winning easy vs Bulgaria without USA help imagine if we did help too we could spam wipe Bulgaria.So we decided we will suprise everyone mpp our till recently enemies and play this last war on the weak side.

We did this to prove also we are gamers. We dont hold grudges we have no sworn enemies and every today enemy can be tomorrow ally, we play the game for fun and thats the reason 99% of us dont even play in our RL countries.Also this will 90% be the last USA war that most of us will be part of and we decided to go with a boom:)

PS. Many will say our move was done for the bonuses and honestly it was a thought at start but after admins news and seeing how hard it will be to get 3x100 its nearly impossible for current USA to reach it again. So we will focus instead on making the war of Bulgaria-Mexico as equal as possible and we will only go for the easy next to us bonuses instead of driving a full campaign with bonus as the objective.

PS2 XD. We want to say a big thank you to Mexico and any other of our till now allies that we might end up  on opposing sides for the great gameplay we had with them till now as allies.  We have huge respect for all your communities and i hope you know there is no hard feelings on our move and maybe  one in this or another game we will be allies again

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Tell them the truth. It s for bonuses. You changed us for bonuses, and I am not disappointed because I have discovered your real face just signing with the guys you swear to destroy. And why? For bonus. In your government BonusFriends/Allies. But couldn t you talk to me with the truth? Why always that I was looking for you, your answer was: Bulgaria has threatened us, Bulgaria is gonna attack us. Pls stop lie to them.
Lol... Bulgaria has 3 times more players than Mexico, and its MU is the second strongest in server, where is the weak country?
I regret playing for USA in this game! nothing more than afraid losers!
i dont even know who yalitza is lol and for rest of you its your opinion i posted above ours
This is exactly like you did a while ago when you went on helping the week side (Serbia) against us (Romania) ? Smile))) When you saw us getting help from Mexico and Serbia easy loosing ground you forgot about the times when Romania helped you get your bonuses (back when we had more active men), and what you said, lets help Serbia a country we expelled a while ago from our alliance.... to be short all you do is protet your bonuses and when you see another country close to threatening your bonus profit you turn your fae the other way... Or may I give you another example when you supported fro behind the Italian mercs to start RW-s to Peru, just because they got their bonuses up and threatened your bonus profit Smile)) THATS THE TRUE FACE OF TODAYS USA GOV... meaning Valuk and his crew of pussies cause the USA that used to be died long long ago (Even Chris realized who was besides him and left you)
Is there any final mission Delete Bulgaria and its the reason everyone to be against us 😁😁😁 Why nobody respects that Bulgaria is helping small countries like Germany, Chile, United Kingdom, FYROM and in this point even Greece
Simple pathetic
Hi @Drethgar. I m Evans and you told me the truth. You won t be able to have 3x100 having us as allies (those are your words). Do not say it s for overpower, the world and your community deserve the truth.
That is a very idiotic logic that you want to surprise someone and that someone was your ally.
Hail USA BG o7
failed propaganda
Usa with this players sucks all of them are gold diggers and stupid faces