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Join Japan, Join NOW !!!
Boikov is a very cool player! Good decision!
congrats to all winners.......and thanks Boikov and jack (CP of Belarus) for their help to players and countries by their gold and damage SmileSmileSmile
rigged shit
OFC rulez
Oh,thank you so much,Herosiv for this honor.And thank you guys for your kind words,it really means a lot!I m glad i can serve any new player that joins the game and is in need of help.We need more fresh blood in the game and aiding them is vital in my opinion.
Boikov is love 💕
Boikov rules Wink cheers
best ally USA ?! this is joke of the year! I think best ally award should get Bulgaria!
Players chose the winners
riged, everyone knows Chickerino Chris
kirito blablabla Laugh , nice
too fake
I ll wait a little to get next year Best profile avatar 1000 gold reward. No worries.
Best player? me : )
Kirito lol