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Today is the first day that up TG to level 2 is allowed.
so you must Up your TG to gain streingth 
The TG 2 Cost 20 gold. 
This is how you can UP it if you have 0 gold

First Step: Kill Kill Kill

Yeeees! TPM! 5/20 G

Now, Second Step: Sub Sub Sub

Yeeees! 100 sub! 10/20 G

Third Step: Kill Kill Kill Again!

Yeeees! TAM! 15/20 G

Now, Forth Step: Sub Sub Sub Again!

Yeeees! 100 other sub! 20/20 G

Congratulation You can upgrade your TG!


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ahahhahaha o7
Thx for 10g s4s :p
Exactly how I did it Smile s4s
Nice one Laugh voted!
nice hahaha
sub 93
Good luck for TG4