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With this article I would like to present to you the profit or expenses i had after completing the missions. Overall, I think it is worth finishing blue, green and red missions at least because the rewards are very good and sometimes it seems to me that the game rewards you just for playing it. 

For your information, I use 10 work tokens daily in order to produce q6 weapons, I produce 0,4 q5 house daily, q3 missiles (starting from day 366, q5 missiles) and also 1 hyper bar daily since I have a level 3 research center. So on missions in which I have to use tokens, hyper bars or restore energy, it is obvious that the game rewards me for playing it cause I use them daily either way.

So, let’s start with the gray missions:
Mission No 1: Work as manager once                                Mission No 2: Work two times                 
Profit: 2 workers                                                                     Profit: 200 xp                                            
Expenses: 0                                                                              Expenses:0                                              

Mission No 3: Gain 50 strength                                             Mission No 4: Vote 5 articles
Profit: 5 energy bars                                                                Profit: 150 usd
Expenses: 0                                                                               Expenses: 0  

Mission No 5: Endorse 5 articles                                           Mission No 6: Activate a house
Profit: 25 strength                                                                    Profit: 1 q1 booster
Expenses: 25 usd                                                                      Expenses: 0
Note about mission 6: I produce q5 houses of my own, so I activated one of the houses I had produced.

Mission No 7: Recover 3k energy                                          Mission No 8: Complete one DO             
Profit: 10 rpgs, 5 bars                                                              Profit: 1000 storage 
Expenses: 0                                                                               Expenses: 0                                               

Mission No 9: Buy 1k items
Profit: 3 gold 
Expenses: 20 usd
Note about mission 9: I bought 1k wraw for 0.02 usd per unit.

Blue missions
Mission No 10: Sell 1500 items                                             Mission No 11: Buy 1k weapons          
Profit: 60 usd                                                                            Profit: 1k q3 weapons, 100 rpgs            
Expenses: 0                                                                               Expenses: 1830 usd                              
Note about mission 11: I bought 1k q3 weapons, 400 for 1,8 per unit and 600 for 1,85 per unit.

Mission No 12: Use 3 contracts                                             Mission No 13: Spend 14 work tokens
Profit: 3 work tokens, 51 q5 weapons                                   Profit: 14 energy bars  
Expenses: 1,2 gold                                                                    Expenses: 0 
Note about mission 12: I exchanged contracts with another player and with the last contract I bought the q5 weapons.

Mission No 14: Produce 2k items (wraw)                               Mission No 15: Work 6 times
Profit: 10 work tokens                                                                Profit: 3 gold
Expenses: 0                                                                                  Expenses: 0

Mission No 16: Use 10 contracts                                             Mission No 17: Buy 3k food                   
Profit: 1 work tokens                                                                  Profit: 1 booster                                          
Expenses: 1 gold                                                                         Expenses: 16,2 cc                                        
Note about mission 16: I exchanged contracts with another player, so only the contract fee was the expense here.
Note about mission 17: I bought the food and sold it back at the same price, tax is the only expense here.

Mission No 18: Sell 5k items                                                    Mission No 19: Spend 50 work tokens
Profit: 15 bars and 222,75 usd                                                 Profit: 25 work tokens 
Expenses: 0                                                                                 Expenses: 0
Note about mission 18: I sold 5k wraw for 0,045 usd without the tax.                                          

Mission No 20:Buy 5k items from foreign market                Mission No 21: Buy 8k weapons / food
Profit: 500 rpgs                                                                            Profit: 20 work tokens, 2k storage
Expenses: 11,25 gold                                                                  Expenses: 16,2 usd
Note about mission 20: I bought 5k q3 food from the georgian market, so the expenses are in gold.
Note about mission 21: I bought 3k q3 food from the usa market and sold them back at the same price plus the food I bought for mission 20.

Green missions
Mission No 22: Make 3 million damage                                 Mission No 23: Produce 2 missiles  
Profit: 10 bars                                                                             Profit: 5 q3 missiles                                      
Expenses: 0                                                                                 Expenses: 0      
Mission No 24: Drop 10 missiles (q2)                                    Mission No 25: 2k hits on DO
Profit: 20 bars                                                                            Profit: 30 bars  
Expenses: 0                                                                                Expenses: 0  

Mission No 26: 2k hits on resistance side                             Mission No 27: 2k hits on allied battles
Profit: 300 rpgs, 10 gold                                                           Profit: 300 rpgs, 10 gold
Expenses: 1,12 gold and 100 usd                                           Expenses: 0
Note about mission 26: Those expenses were gold and usd I used to travel.

Mission No 28: Earn a battle hero medal                             Mission No 29: Make 50 million damage     
Profit: 30 bars, 5 gold                                                               Profit: 50 bars, 100 strength                          
Expenses: 50 bars                                                                     Expenses: 0                                                    
Note about mission 28: I used 100 bars and 1005 rpgs in order to make the needed damage to get the bh medal, but 50 of those bars are the expenses for mission 30.

Mission No 30: Use 50 bars                                                    Mission No 31: 3,5k on allied battles
Profit: 60 bars, 500 xp                                                              Profit: 75 bars and 250 xp 
Expenses: 50 bars                                                                     Expenses: 0 

Mission No 32: 3,5k on USA battles                                      Mission No 33: 3,5k on resistance side 
Profit: 75 bars and 250 xp                                                       Profit: 75 bars and 250 xp
Expenses: 0                                                                               Expenses: 1,88 gold, 120 usd and 16 bars
Note for mission 33: Those expenses were gold and usd I used to travel plus some bars in order not to travel one more time. The hits on resistance side were made during the weekends because of the faster energy recovery.

Red missions
Mission No 34:Update your descr1ption                               Mission No 35: Add 15 friends             
Profit: 10 gold                                                                             Profit: 1 booster                                    
Expenses: 0                                                                                 Expenses: 0                                            
Note about mission 34: The reward was one q4 house which I sold for 100 gold.

Mission No 36: Activate a booster                                           Mission No 37: Restore 33k energy  
Profit: 3 gold                                                                                 Profit: 33 bars   
Expenses: 1 q2 booster                                                              Expenses: 0

Mission No 38: Earn 2k xp                                                         Mission No 39: Use 3 hyper bars
Profit: 500 xp, 25 strength                                                         Profit: 13 bars
Expenses: 0                                                                                  Expenses: 0

Mission No 40: Gain 125 strength                                             Mission No 41: Travel to 25 regions       
Profit: 13 gold                                                                                Profit: 2 gold and 250 usd             
Expenses: 0                                                                                    Expenses: 500 usd
Note about mission 40: The reward was a q5 house that I sold for 13 gold (selling q5 houses for 13 gold by the way.
.Note about mission 41: I kept travelling on usa regions.

Mission No 42: Activate 5 houses                                              Mission No 43: Spend 8k weapons
Profit: 10 q4 missiles                                                                    Profit: 80 bars
Expenses: 0                                                                                    Expenses:186,24 gold
Note about mission 42: As I said earlier, i produce q5 houses and all of these were houses I produced.
Note about mission 43: 186,24 gold were the total expenses in order for me to produce 8k q6 weapons, they had been produced and stocked days before those missions began and I still had them because I couldn’t sell them. At that time the wraw were much more cheaper.

Mission No 44: Gain 30 gold from tp, ta and tr medals                      Mission No 45: Endorse 25 times
Profit: 10 gold and 200 strength                                                             Profit: 5 gold and 5 bars 
Expenses: 0                                                                                                 Expenses: 1 gold and 25 usd
Note for mission 45: I bought 100 austian cc for 0.01 cc rate, it was still the admin’s offer from the beginning of the game, each endorse was worth 5 cc 

Close to last missions
Mission No 46: Start 2 resistance wars                                       Mission No 47: Make 150 million damage
Profit: 35 bars                                                                                  Profit: 25 gold and 25 work tokens
Expenses: 30 gold                                                                      Expenses: 30 gold and 150 rpgs
Note for mission 47: 30 gold were the total expenses in order for me to produce 1020 q6 weapons that I used to make this amount of damage faster 

Mission No 48: Raise up your military rank                                    Mission No 49: Spend 20 gold on store
Profit: 100 bars                                                                                    Profit: 300 rpgs and 10 bars
Expenses: 100                                                                                      Expenses: 20 gold
Note for mission 48: I used 100 gold to complete this mission
Note for mission 49: The bars were bought from the store

Final mission
Mission No 50: Earn 6k xp
Profit: 5 gold from medal, 60 work tokens and 1 land space
Expenses: 0

So, in order to sum up and after the necessary math, by completing those missions:
I gained 624 bars, 355 rpgs, 1k q3 and 51 q5 weapons, 157 work tokens, 10 q4 and 5 q3 missiles, 2 boosters, 1950 xp, 350 strength, 300 storage and 1 land space.
I lost 256,33 gold and 2009,65 usd.
Note: I pay for salaries 0,7 gold per work token, so the 157 work tokens I gained are worth 109,9 gold, so my expenses in gold were 146,43 gold and if we turn the usd I used to gold (0,012 is the cc rate), my total expenses were 170,55 gold.

You could say that I used this gold in order to buy 624 bars, 355 rpgs, 1k q3, 51 q5 weapons, 157 work tokens, 10 q4 and 5 q3 missiles, 2 boosters, 1950 xp, 350 strength, 300 storage and 1 land space, although it was not my plan to buy most of these. But nevertheless, those expenses are well balanced to the items I got as an income, plus those missions gave some interest to this game. 

So, in order to conclude, in my opinion it was worth trying to finish those missions and it felt that they were the easiest of all the missions so far. Now, food and raw prices are up and it could be much more expensive for somebody to finish the missions but I was lucky enough to pass those missions while food and raw prizes were down.

Thanks for reading my article, please vote, subscribe and endorse! o7


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