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Hello and Goodbye My Friends...

First of all sorry for my english.

I just wanna thanks u all for your friendship. This day is last day of big part of Turkish Community. 

I hope we meet again on another game. 

Special thanks to Governador and Nielton.

Tovar bro you are the best ❤

Goodluck everyone.

We r going to send ticket and wait for ban our accounts. 

Goodbye from AtropatesS

Goodbye from Skyfire Corporation

Goodbye from Untouchable

Goodbye from Cibili

Goodbye from Dartagnan

Goodbye from Panpalar

Goodbye from Basaksehir

Goodbye from Willy Willy

Goodbye from Doomhammer

Goodbye from Toraman

Goodbye from Worken

Goodbye from Super Ultramega

Goodbye from Catalkaya

Goodbye from Fatih Sultan Mehmed

Goodbye from Paperlove

Goodbye from Abderus

Goodbye from Usame

Goodbye from Cm 01/02

Goodbye from Gabbie

Goodbye from Hacoguz

Goodbye from Solar

We love you all ❤


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Comments (33)

Bro I hope we meet again somewhere else sometime. Have fun and enjoy every minute of your life ❤
Good luck out there,Atro!Hope we can see you here again some day.
sebebi yok mu ?
Gl in rl
gule gule Sad o7
Sad atrooooo untooooo
GL o7
Good luck in real life!
GoodLuck in future, Salute for you!
Bye ladies o/
At some point I thought you and the ppl around you may return to Turkey and make it stronger, but sometimes it is time to move on different things o7. GL in RL
Srećno o7
What happened?
Nereye lan, Ben 1 aydir yeniden oynuyorum
zguzi sta i u moje ime
Bir Ferrari kirmizi. Biri senin için diğeri benim için !!! Goodbye komsho
Tovar is the best and you all leave if s funny Smile and he is not only one who is Admin here right ?
Good luck guys o7
School started and no more time for games I gues...
Sad Sad
მეეტყნა დედის მუტელი?