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Nice one!
Laugh Laugh Laugh
Really? The things sayid by the top1 country that attack with top2 to someone smaller, first bully them, attack them and now ask for a NAP. lol
@Evans who attack who? Laugh
@Evans,and when it was Peru/Mexico/Usa/Brazil/Saudi/France/Spain/Portugal/OFC s all star visa team and a revived Celio vs us for months after months?What do you call that?Now that we have as ally one of the stronger nations in the game and there is SOME balance even tho it is still pretty much 2v5 from the top 8 countries - 332 active players,60 two click vs 487 active and 186 two click you still have the need to bring even more imbalance to the wars of the world so you invite Serbia to make it an even 600 active and 220 two click players vs 332 from the top countries.Would you like USA to sign a MPP with you as well,make it an even 200v 1 000 so you can have fun in the game and not complain?
Smile Smile Smile nice
Laugh Laugh Laugh
What goes around comes around o7
The pleasure is all ours!
LOL would not be first time BG does not calculate enemy power right... Smile
Revenge is best served cold, FYI.
they were ne they was, aman kolko pati da ti kazvam