The War Cry

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Bruh, you don t even believe yourself... Laugh
I don t? I predicted this before war started, didn t even shoot in battle Wink
Man nothing about all of this is true but its a quality meme and it made me laugh so thank you Laugh
Lol xD
france with the white flags again Laugh
Wolf really hates France 😰 poor boy
Dobar je Mićamulti, treba ga jebat da se razmnožava
hahahaha do you really think i m multi ? You are very funny Wolf72x
stop cry for help Smile
All true... DSq5 forewer... Bulgaria cant do s*** without DSq5...
I am on table dancing 😎
Novica, mark your words cuz you will lose this tournament.
A Nation full of pus€ys ! BG
Smile Smile cry more
We seem to be unbelievably good at making our enemies feel like we are 2-3 times more than we actually are. Yesterday during the battle of Crimea the online Bulgarians were 4 times less than the online The Front members.
Which tournament?
Crybabies. You will cry even if we attack a DS5 against the entire fuckin world on our own. Pussies. You plebs been spamming shit and real life insults for 2 months, now 5 insults and 3 memes and you retards are gonna cry out your eyes. ЯжтеМиКура
You nation deserve rl insults! Nation of Nothing
@SaulGoodpleb Your nation deserves nothing. Nation of insults
#Bg have no Culture
im relly laughing when you guys for game insulting nation shame shame
Bulgaria is always hide behinde DS. It is nornal for them
They are not people!
@wolf today we need new picture!!!
No honor in BG