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Dear Players,

This article won’t be too long, we are here to present our new implementation in game.


We have implemented it from Day 377(17.10.2019) and it doesn t have an expiration day. It works easily, you gain every 150 minute a free reward which you can use until the end of the day. You have section in storage named Temporary Items where you can see all items you gain. You have to use it until the end of the day or they will disappear.
There are 3 different chests, with 4 different rewards in it which you gain randomly every 150 minutes(counter start from the second you claimed reward). Here is a table of all rewards depending on previous opening of chest.

How it works ? We will try to cover all questions you could ask. You start with lowest part of rewards or 0 rewards claimed. If you claim 6 rewards today, you will get 6 random rewards from 1st column (picture above). Tomorrow after DC you will gain rewards from 2nd column (picture above) and if you gain that day only 3 rewards, next day you will be demoted and open prizes from 1st column. 

NOTICE: Every 01th,11th, 21th your progress will be restarted and you will start from 1st column again. There will be some changes in graphics and rewards but you will be notified at the time.


I will provide some questions and answers which are most frequent by players.

Q: What is Hyper Bar and where can i get it ?
A: Hyper Bar is item which you can build in Research centre quality 3,4,5. Hyper bar is not refilling all your energy, instead of that it removes time of recovery of your energy. So you have to fill up your energy by yourself.

Q: Can i donate my gold to friend ?
A: Gold which is bought with € is possible to donate, but gold earned by medals is not possible to donate because of buying/selling game stuff for real money which is forbidden by rules which you accepted by registering in game.

Q: What is land space and how can i get it ?
A: Land space is a place where you can build your company for economy. You can get it in erev packs time by time or by solving missions/events which consist land space as reward.

Q: If i send wrong law can you delete it or fix it ?
A: It’s not Admins fault for your wrong move, we can not fix it and we are not interfering in game.

Q: How does recovery in house pack work and what is the formula for energy ?
A: Your energy will be refilled every 4 minutes (10hp) by default. Depending on which house you activate you will have “minus” seconds for your refill. If you activate house Q2 your energy will be refilled faster by 24 seconds so it will be done in 3 minutes and 36 seconds instead of 4 minutes. If you have whole pack activated you will have more energy to refill and your refill will last for 3 minutes. With x2 recovery week and Q5 house you will have recovery every minute(10hp).

Q: When will we have discount on company ?
A: Never. We won’t provide discount for companies.

Q: Are you going to introduce sea battles or air battles ?
A:  No, we won’t implement that part in game.

Q: Can i exchange gold from er1 to er2, or buy pack on er1 for er2 gold.
A: No, that is forbidden and we are punishing players for that action.

That is all, I hope that I cover all your questions. If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us. If you are not sure what you can or can’t do, please ask us before you do it.

Since we care about your opinion we would like to ask you which event was your favorite one and which event would you like to see next ?

As always, for any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.
That is it for now. Until some other time with more news, have fun and enjoy the game.

Best regards,
eRevollution Team


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Nice free rewards but i wonder who can take all 9 rewards. anyway i like missions the most of them although beyond the limits was really good
Gj o7
Pole no reclamada prros o7
I like beer fest :p
Saquese prrro, salió tarde el informe del tesoro pirata...
last queat hero was best event ever seen. it would be nice to see every day. also daily rewards are best way to stay players online. by this 2 event I think you can give game live again
No event were good , you give every similar to other event , make a new event to have fun
The dice event very good stronk event make agen plis
log in every 150 minutes...? NO THANKS...
NO dice events, pleaseeeee.... that was the worst event EVER
Admim add ass reward some work tokens ppl develop acces and need workers but many ppl left game
No coment...
I would appreciate having one more time Beyond the Limits event Laugh o7
U could add some workers since we have low number of players.
You could remove strenght as a reward in future missions, because when new people come they miss it. Instead of strenght may put 1 energy bar or 1 worker
last event was good and I liked the 2x exp Smile o7
nice daily rewards! farmin for new events Laugh
Add Strength Booster
Good feature!
I like it! o7
log in every 150 minutes...?
Events were good, daily rewards better. I am looking forward for next event.
Admin you should decrease the cooldown to 2 hours. The current system takes way too much effort.
its really nice Wink
I would suggest 2 improvements: 1. a help tooltip that shows the rewards for each category (the table from the beginning of the article) 2. show somewhere how many rewards you collected today (in order to know if you have to wake up in the night to stay on golden rewards).
thank you admin, I really apreciate.