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Hello everyone.
I want to invite you in France.
We have 80/100/100 bonuses,Free weapons and large amount of weps on OHs,Also we have good and friendly environment.We are helping everyone to become more successful and stronger.
If you are interested and want more details pm me anytime.
Good luck ❤️


BoikovCobra Rey

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Sad boring country SadSadSad
Gl guys!
Hail France!
Not good and friendly environment, Not helping as much to become successful and strong, so don t clickbait peoples, and if you guys interested in getting a citizenship, just pm me , I ll give you the right informations
First of all, there was no topic about Germany, second it s a Experienced opinion about France, third I didn t Spammed, fourth you cannot call me kid, fifth improve your English Laugh
Hail France! o7
Common man. You people eat snails with smelly cheese !!! Who can live life like that?
Nah i m good
@Jamesdelaney, Please don t delete your messages, that won t prove you right!
kaizev stop spam here!
Where did I spam? , Proof? , you provide wrong Informations to the players!
Wtf you waaant go and spam on other articles kid