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Rosiel - Newspaper from Peru -

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Dislike :v pvto el que lo lea, por esto no tienes Endose :v toman decisiones sin el Poder De su Emperador Kirito I, looking CS Smile
Signed by CP of Peru
Is it because Albania was 4th at event and Peru was 5th ? Anyways good luck o7
Kirito, you are not a very liked person, are ya?
Mommy i didnt win the event, buaaaa. #BringBackOldPeru
@Espor Looks like no, maybe I was busy with work in real life, I haven t had much time for the game
Thanks for being a great ally o7
Respect. Do not let anyone step on you. Happiness and long life
Signed by Peru s MoD.
Thanks for having taken this travel with us.
Esa es decisión de Rosiel nadie me consultó
Hail Peru! Gracias a FRONT por todo o7
Hail Peru o7
Hail Peru o7
Agradecemos a THE FRONT por la invitacion a la alianza. Simplemente no coincidimos en nuestros intereses o7
farm again ?
whats up? may I count on any summary...?
GL o7
Perú... Don t cry for these stupid event 😂😂
Abajo la dictadura Hay que liberar Perú de los saqueadores que están en el gobierno
Drugs MX traidor
Thats means you sold alliance for 150G. And thats how all begins... But thats not all, time will show us.
Impich this CP and come back in alliance
You people failed Peru in so many battles.Battles that could ve easily be won if it wasn t your hate for us.Instead of helping them in their battles you were always focusing us.You,as friends,either fought against Peru in the tournament just so you can screw them over or you didn t even rebuke such behavior.And now you cry and want them to return to your alliance?For what?So they can be cannon fodder to your hate war once again?I m happy someone has figured out the kind of alliance and friends you guys are - driven only by chauvinistic emotions and hate.
Nomamen apoco este juego sigue vivo?
@Boikov one guy isnt whole nation
Proud of Peru!
Boikov idk if its some kind of propaganda or sth else, but it cant be Boikov writing thay. Peru screwed themselves over in tournament, and even their Americans help couldnt help with that, although they fought many times against Albania and Croatia. Some countries are selfish, thats the only problem Laugh
i peruviani hanno dimostrato di essere dei vigliacchi traditori e egoisti. Sono stati loro i primi ad entrare come ladri nelle battaglie contro Albania, e di conseguenza Albania ha reagito. Questo e tutto! il resto e Bla-Bla- Propaganda. Hail Albania.
@Sergio, don t forget Albania is also in list of selfish, No Alliance, Focus only on Bonus and Tournament, When stock is finished they made pact with us
Siempre fueron sus intereses antes que la alianza... Baia, Baia.... Qué curioso, pero no inesperado.
En pocas palabras solo necesitamos hacer lo que nosotros queremos, no nos dejan nos vamos 🤭😂
Jamás me sacaran, quien controla el congreso controla el país!!! Lancen los impeachs que quieran
a bueno, quien tiene hambre? :v
do not care on what other people think, play the game the best way you like it. TBH it s a rather justified decision. Mexico should also have same problem. It s the eternal habbit of balkans, thinking the world turns around them and they are the epicenter of the game. Wrong of course. Just to keep on feeding their hate on each other, Mex and Peru had zero help against USA and this front dropped fast and easy. Good luck on whatever you do and keep on having fun guys o/
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