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this article is copy of herelis article wich admin remove for some SS
The embargo was voted fully by many of USA congress ppl.We did help ya even tho we had no obligation and we didnt need anything or wanted anything from you. Yes we also wanted albania and cro to lose points,but in the end we did help you without asking anything in return,I even loaned weps to hereli and sold some cheaper than market price.And how you return our help? By messing with our MM i dont care if an enemy or someone else does it but when a country that we helped does it,its full blown offence. Also we know who you are ppl,we had part of your group of traitors in USA before and when there we opened our discord and our supply for you we only got met with betrayal and backstabbing acts.So yes we want nothing to do with your Germany. You are nothing to us and pray you stay like that
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Look at this he is here. Smile truth is that we can push your MM some month ago and anytime when we wanted it but we respect USA ppl this decision take your cc and attack economy made after your betray. You are so proud man and you was thinking that we are useless and try use us for lose cro alb points. Lets think 🤔 if we are so weak and useless why huge USA propose tranding embargo Laugh
Laugh, Drethger, Wink. ❤️
Nielton bro one can only laugh with those clowns
trump 2020!
hello Kvii, I miss you
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Drethgar you are cheating, you never send anything for help. but you promised much and I have ss of it, which was in the article and your rats raported
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