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Hey y all

I came here to tell you that ORENDA is the best MU.

We are the first.

Thank you,

Have a good day/night!


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ORENDA is currently the best MU on the paper. ///// They own Hall of Fame of damage and hit, they have the best weekly damage since a while and they are now the first MU in top damage. /////// However, about organization, ORENDA is not on the number and also keeps in mind others big MU important playere have stop play the game seriously since 2 months ~ ! //// Congratz for top 1 : )
We have proven that if it is required or we have to, we will be VERY organized! We proved this when Serbia tried to win against us. We proved that when SA wanted to invade Iran and Europe +Bulgaria. We proved that when we kicked Mexico out of Europe. We are so strong on ff that it does not need to have a lot of organized hits but when we do have - we always show the best of it Wink HAIL ORENDA!
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