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We did bluff and it was successful also we did great buisness thank you o7
The only think you managed to do is to gain individual profit on your accounts, our economy had the same profit each day (check the economy page) and we managed to sell cc faster and gain big amount of golds by this, which was the thing that gave us bigger profit than usual.
in last 2 issues money usa spent 2500 Gold, this golds and cc is frozen. people have much money now, bcz money which i exchange i spent on usa market. in sum, usa market has 350 000 cc by issue money and it will makes inflation... if Dratger read this article, i want to tell you, it is this what I told you yesterday, when I sad that you were thinking narrow. for first lesson it is enough 😉
About the thing with the amount of cc being printed is that this amount will be sold during my term as a CP or used by those who have the companies of USA for salaries (trust me, those people need lots of cc daily)
Raidden you dont understand pls read article again Laugh we dont care how you spend you cc we save course 0.013 prices change after this and we bought what we wanted ofc big stock cheaper Laugh
As I said, you gained individual profit for your accounts and didn t harm our economy... That was good for both of us!
Truth is that you were thinking that we are conitune buying your cc all time but nope this werenot our goal you did 3 big issue for nothing Laugh
Issue money laws are never pointless because we are althe only 3x100 country and we need to have cc for people to be able to travel and work here.
now your 2500gold is in air, it is virtual money yet. people have enough money, raiden you did mistake when make last issue but I think you get experience... we didn t get benefits for only us, people sold all products and they also get profits. at this moment you lose only 👆
Aaah then was that...German Hyperinflation 1921 © xD... Nice try but Will need tons of money for empty a market and not allow anyone buy in It. Making citizens angry and search other market for buy products.
So usa use us for points and we use them for buisnes Cheeky
you fools boosted our economy... youre not wrecking it... youre wrecking your own economy by buying and trading in ours.... are yall really that ignorant????? man man man pure dumbheit
Lol raver go check your and our gold amounts and storages and after say something.. We did big sale for ourselves Cheeky
before you stupidly invested in our market i had 125g I am at above 300G now. I played you for every penny you made off of me. I made 2.6% on each gold sale you bought off me and without making a loss, you merely made 0.45% all you did was boost our economy. everything you bought from US went back into US economy. You just bought US products and SOLD them in other Economies for more... Benutz dein kopf xD
XD idk what you have but i know what i have full storage and x2 gold Laugh
good for you, facts dont change dude. All the US CC you used to buy in US markets, goes RIGHT BACK INTO US hands... the gold you buy with CC goes back into US hands... we make plenty of Gold. youre just a poor loser that is taking a online game to serious. joblose azzi
Laugh Laugh after this monolog i think you take everything serious no need to much nervous bro there isnt any economic war this was buisnes we always doing buisnes but you were in panic Laugh
To harm an economy like USA you will need more than 15000 gold. Do you have them? If not, what you do is actually helping USA market move. 350k cc is actually nothing could keep USA without issue for no more than 1.5-2 weeks. Also as long as you do not see people posting at 0.012 the cc returned to citizen pockets that means even more demand at cc and economy rotates just fine. USA state has profit, usa sellers have profit.. if both of them have profit then someone must be losing. This is why I am skeptical on whether you actually gain something or trying to minimize loss...
As i said many times we save 0.013 course some day amd after took everything what were cheap in usa market 🤑
Most of our sellers didn t change their prizes (with the new items, the prizes should have dropped), raw prizes were the same for example (I had been watching the raw prizes all this time cause I buy wraw and draw)... It needs time to destroy a 3x100 country s economy and this is what you do not understand... Even if we won t sell any of this cc that we issued, they will be used on state companies for salaries and wraw purchases.. The time to issue money would have come even if you hadn t do what you did.
Now usa try to represent themselves that they are in profitable position. if you need more money, why didn`t you made isue money before we start ec. war? Raver - you are brainless like your ex cp, you are counting virtual numbers. your country spent 2500 g to issue money and they haven`t sell 1 usd yet and then willn`t sale among 1 month or more time
With the new cc rate* If you hadn t done ** Also, about the issue money law that he had to do, watch our law tab during dreth s terms, two issues for 320.000 cc in total
also if you got benefits, why are you so aggressive and why do you have fire in you ass?
We are not aggressive, we are just arguing with you, although we shouldn t because you can t understand... Also, 3 were the issue money law during dreth s previous term, worth of 380k cc in total
nowdays usa has minus 2500 gold and you arguing that you got benefits? how I agree you?
Lol they dont understand that our goal was our buisness and they helped us by this issues Laugh
In economic war in this game both side get or lost profit but question is who get more or who lost more especially i bought products from non usa citizens i get profit but what usa citizens get nothing.. And also destroy country economic (3x100) when they havnt any active war is imposible
=)))))))))))))))))))))) pure stupidity...
Don t be racist !!! It is called afro-american Friday Wink
To bad I cant sell my houses Laugh
All you noobs do is give free gold to usa. Just by printing 3 times in total of 350k CC you made USA win 700 gold. Even if you froze monetary market for few days because of CC overflow, USA absorbs aboult 20-25k CC each day from taxes income, creating hyperbars and travelling (both usa citizens to regions where battles happen and also foreignes who come to work in 3x100 bonuses). So in 7-10 days most of CC will be consumed, and we still won free 700 gold so thanks and we wait you to fail again n future Wink
Laugh Laugh okey okey