Only Fools and Horses

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Feel free to insult in comments , i won t read it anyway xaxaxa


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lol Laugh shame on me
90% multies
babe, you can find him in BG discord Cheeky
I really can t find what the author wanted to say ...
The author wanted to say, that if u are in 2 click mode and stack some bazookas/EB and use them in one battle, you are 100% multi
Well he was playing from day 1 so looking on everything we can only tell he could be 2click so he had a lot of EB from daily.
Great logic !!! Level rank 7k hits = Multi Laugh
Dude, he is a pretty well known player in both erev1 and here.You can contact him on discord if you want.Keep your negativity away from the game.
Lying nation no1 Bulgaria
Cry more, losers Laugh
I have a lot of stock and im on 2 click mode ... so im a multi ?