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Published in France - Political debates and analysis - 10 Nov 2019 19:40 - 27

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Que raro no ver a Albania ahi 🤔
So, there is no balance. All game against Bulgaria. Very smart. SA (no culture), Serbia (backstabbers) and OFC (France and part of USA) are not enough. Go more in this alliance. Who is next?
The next it s your mother @Alcek 🤣
Y que chu hago yo aqui? Laugh jajaja
Rosiel do you want to join again The Front now that you dont see Albania there? Laugh
The Front !!!
Bravo, nice article!!!
THE FRONT o7 P.S. First question is mixed... It should be what do you expect during your stay in the aliance...
Good luck o7
Interviews indicate that none of ordinary people out there does not give a single f about sa-bg conflict. There are very specific people, their complexes and obsessions than keep this ball-busting war keep going. And tbh the blame is less on bg side
gay alliance
Hmm 🤔 countries list isnt albania but serxhio is mc Laugh
Wtf? , Is this a article?
интервю ли ще ми даваш ве чукундур
Buen articulo... buena alianza
Is the grape sour? Smile
Tengo hambre manden comida china a mi trabajo
He visto mejores alianzas 😋
Why in ur mouth is only Bulgaria? 😁 Thx to hungary for support during the tournament and Poland have to be grateful for freeing their cores for free, we dont want to kill small countries and help them as always o7
we dont want to kill small countries and help them as always o7 only thing that you are doing is laying!!! What you now do with Greece, you destroy one small country!!!
Rosiel. Albania leave aleance and we attack SA 🤔🤔
There are some pros and noobs in this Alliance Team we all can see💪
Make EDEN great again !
RCDE23, what do you know about relations between Bulgaria and Greece?