Only Fools and Horses

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It is harisharko on the pic?
Bulgaria s active population - 242 Bulgaria s online players when it s not a time for an OH or major battle - 40 players Bulgaria s online players when it is a time to make an OH or there is a major battle - 50-60 players Saudi Arabia s population - 155 Saudi Arabia s active population when there s no OH or major battle - 2-3 players Saudi Arabia s active population when there is tanking to be done - 30+ Numbers speak for themselves.I have more active referrals,REAL players, than you have actual Bosnian players in your country.In the beginning of the game,me and a couple of other players spend hundreds of hours to bring new players to the game and now we reap the rewards of having a big community.But the biggest prize,undoubtedly is the hypocrisy that you guys are actually accusing us of multi-ing when a simple check and a normally functioning brain would tell anyone that a country that has 3 active players online 90 % of the time(one of them being Chris who came to you from another country) then raises it s activity by 800-900 % when there is a major battle to be won is doing some out of this world multi-ing.To top it off it s even better to see how all of you each day go lower and lower making some chauvinistic/racist/hate articles about an entire country.Hell,you even wrote a back in the day that bugs the game itself to hirt other players.And none of this is investigated by admins.You people really have no shame.
Shame on you, miske!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Boikov for you and yours gypsys 💩
Boikov why are you spending time to educate such losers?
That just proves my point,Harisharko.Of all people you should be the one who gives an example ,yet you do this.And why not.You won t get punished anyway.See you on the battlefield.
Ahahahah yeah so much fun did you bring to game Boikov lmao... Using referals once in 5 months to do billion damage, such fun much wow....
Nice article 😆
quite funny, but I still dont get it why its about Bulgarians only...?
because if you write about Bulgarians they get triggered and its funny.
Because sharko was screw up from some Bulgarian in RL and he can not forget this.