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I m writing this article for a couple of reasons.

1.To defend my fellow countrymen from some pointless accusations
2.To shine a light on some other dirty stuff and to raise a few questions,and to defend the game in general from some toxic presence and customs

1.Saudi Arabia s accusations that we(Bulgaria) are multis.

First of all.This is really rich.Coming from you guys.

This is the population of the most active countries in the game:


You can see that Bulgaria has a total of 274 players who play the game vs 204 players from Saudi Arabia s side.
Now,when you log in and see our online population at ANY time of the day,you will rarely see us below 40 active players.We usually go to those numbers.
And,when we have an organized hit or there simply is a major battle going around,you can see an increase in our online players by 10-15,perhaps 20 players to a max of 60 players.This is normal.Do you want to know what is not ?

Having 204 players and in 90 % of the time you have 6-7 online players(One of them being Chris who you can t really count as your player as he just recently joined your country) and when there is a battle to be won,oh boy does it get different.The other day you had 41 players online during an end of a battle.Now,I m no expert here,but that sounds pretty much like a 7-8x bump to your online population when it really matters vs our 0.5x s.Before the end of the last event,you know,before you can make citizenship changes and you got 30 + new players the difference was even more shocking when most of the time you had 0-1-2 players online.How is it that smaller countries like Poland for example,who according to erev2tools.com have only 29 active players,have the same online population as you do?And what s even strange about it is that numbers of online players seem to magically increase when Harisharko is online.When he is off,SA s population is again 5-6 players top.Coincidence,I m sure.As well as i m sure that Harisharko s ban for multi-ing in a similar game is unfair as well.


Just a bunch of unlucky coincidences.

Now,i feel bad for myself that i m actually baiting this pure trolling from SA,but what else can I do when there s no one to stand up to this?

From the picture above you see that Saudi has a total of 329 registrations,329 total players.Now,MY total count for players that i ve brought to the game stands on 144, + atleast that much who haven t used my referral link to register.I alone have brought to the game the same amount of population as your entire country has.

You say we are multis?
I say I have more real players,active referrals than you have actual active Bosnian players in your country so I don t need to spend time on multis like you do.Not going to post any pictures here as the article will get huge,but I m more than happy to share it with anyone that wishes.Most of them are level 1-10.That s the best sign you can get for our attempts to increase population in the game.

Now,our population consists of REAL players that we (me and a couple of other players) worked our assess of to bring here and to have a good community.

When will you do this for the game,Harisharko?

2.When you confront them about it tho you get this:


You get brutal chauvinistic/racist/hate speech.I m only sorry that my computer doesn t have enough memory on it to store all the brutal trash talk you can see Bosnian players writing vs an entire country(in parts we are to blame as well for sometimes responding to such provokations)They even called our women prostitutes at one point.Such men,insulting women and acting tough when there s someone else to lead their battles,but running away entire game from a 1v1 war.

What I would like to know is,why are respectable countries like Serbia,France,Hungary,Poland and all the rest from The Front encouraging such monserous toxicity in the game? What s really in it for you guys? Do you approve of what Saudi Arabia is doing to the game? Is Harisharko paying you or something? Now,I m not saying we are saints,everyone gets mad every now and then,you can see this from players from all countries,but I think you all see that Saudi Arabia and their glorious leader Harisharko are having some sort of personal vendetta vs us and they will use any meaning necessary to achieve...whatever it is they are actully trying to achieve.You ve never heard me say something to insult an entire nation and you never will,because unlike this person there s a bit of class in me,that a VISA can t buy. What I would also like to know is, how is this guy not abandoned by his allies yet and how is the Admin team closing their eyes for all of that he and most of the multis players in his country are doing?

Doesn t matter. I don t really expect any investigation to be done or justice to be served nor do I expect countries to show decency and that they value  their image to the eWorld.I wish that were the case,but unfortunately not,I guess for some reason some people like having this kind of stuff in the game.

Whatever the outcome is i would like to propose a simple,gentleman rule in all of this.It s fine to hold a grudge(well,not really,but still) vs someone,it s fine for a slight tease before/after a battle,but can you atleast keep chauvinistic/racist/hate shit away from the global chat and the newspapers and redirect any emotions anyone might have onto the battlefield?It s extremely hard to bring new players in and what do you think their first impressions of the game would be when they see such nonesence spammed across the global?Lets make this atleast a speech clean game if nothing else.



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This multies accusation I see from both sides and this is becoming boring to me. To the hate speech I don t care you shouldn t either. I like that this war isn t only about clicking Fight button and it makes more interesting, but if you want insult someone do it a creative way like for example miske article https://www.erev2.com/en/article/5348. It s only my opinion.
voted from multi o7
Herosiv please note that boikov is not trying to insult anybody. Just stating the facts. Please point multi account for my user. And please teach an old man how to use it
I don t say he insulted someone but I saw insults in global chat. Ok since this article probably will have many views. Does someone know answer to this question? How many regions Which country doesn t have core regions on seahave Saltpeter as a resource ? Beacuse I dont understand this question and everyone who I am asked didn t understand either.
o7 👍🏻
Bla bla bla bla bla .... cheap Bg Propaganda...
Where is the propaganda?State facts like i m doing,sir.
If that is the way the question is asked, blame Tovar s English xD ... From I gather you need to look for a country that has a saltpeper core resource, but no sea/water border.... weird... havent seen that question yet
I forgot ... for you 💩
Just play a game like adults, thats advice for both sides o7
I am a very new player. I am not from Bulgaria ,i am native from Romania, i started in Romania, but the person who helped me most with very good advices and how to play was Bulgarian Boikov and not my mates. So i moved in Bulgaria because they are more active, good economy , and mostly nice people [not all (Smile] He had no interest in this because i am not his refferal, but he won a man for his country. So i belive him when he say he worked hard to make a healthy community and enjoy this game, as i do because i belive this is a game for smart people not paytoplay or even paytowin game Ps: For girl only 5 leva , i think you can do more , you have potential rofl
@ogphoenix 3 countries have saltpeper Germany Ukraine and North Korea all of this countries have sea border
it s not hard to login from 10 accounts at same time for you bulgaria so that you have more online players... we on other hand have lives and login once daily and go offline...
доколку има уште Македонци останато во Арабија ве повикувам да си се вратите во родните краишта.
@herosiv I cant be asked to look at the mobile map (it sucks). if I figure out when I go home I will DM you Smile
Bulgaria take a charge against racism vs England soccer macth in RL.Thats obviously with what people we have Job in this game and Who insults.Shame on you Bulgarians
Tiger B and because of 50 idiots you can insult a nation of 10 milions? How dumb are you really?
@TigerB Mate, I bet 5 gold that if you use google translate from your language to English, you will get a more understandable post Laugh ... What? We are racist is that you are trying to say?
@Wolf you can find pretty much anyone on discord or in erev1 so what you are saying is simply nonesence.Also all of my active referals(around 40) are real players and i can prove it.Do you have 40 real active bosnians in SA? @herosiv Trust me,im more sick of this than you are.Why i wrote this article tho is for people to see who the REAL problem is because i m tired of accusations from the people who are ruining the game.Do you see the comments now,after i simply asked for normal behavior?These are the people you guys fight for.
https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49089209 and this is statistics for racism in english football Tiger B. So read it first. They are really loud about us and say nothing about their own country
https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/21/two-men-arrested-over-racist-abuse-at-haringey-v-yeovil-fa-cup-match this happened a few days after Bulgaria-England xD
CTRL + F, POLAND FOUND, VOTED Smile I am also against insults/hate and so on, but players cant do anything else with that, except ignoring... Admins should pay more attention to this...
You hate us! Oh yes! With real pleasure, I press the fight button. I really like the game but I dont like playing against army of multies.
Nicely wrote, Boikov. You displayed fair-play and maturity. Others should take your attitude as an example.
@Husky Thank you,my friend.IF there is any hate between anyone it should be directed to the battlefield,not the chat/newspapers.There should be respect between enemies and not ...well whatever this is that we are seeing.
The only racists and gypsy like behaviour I m seeing is from the very people who accuse us. I m not saying that all Bosnians are idiots, only the ones who are trying to wrongly condem behaviour of entire group of people, based on the behavior of few individuals. I can t say anything bad for our Serbian brothers (actually I really like Govedo s newspaper 👯), Mexican amigos and French enemies. Sometimes win, sometimes lose. Important is to get drunk at the end 🍻 And you guys why the he ll are supporting that Nazi like guy. Just behaving like hater says a lot for the culture and brain capacity of haris ...
When I saw the title of the article, I was waiting for ideas or proposals to improve the game. Since everything is so boring in recent months ... Anyway, talking about the hate war, I just ignore almost all the chat discussions. Smile
When someone is being allied to this shithole its really a spit on their own name.
@ogphoenix Admin just told me that it was bugged question.
All of us know that the game is dying. Tovar doesn’t care about this anymore...
@ogphoenix The Guardian on hate speech? Can t wait to see some BBC articles on racism :eyeroll:. Also please learn to use spacebar. At least notepad - CTRL+H. And don t make me puke with all the muh hate speech. Tell them to get bent like they get regulary got bent back in their prision days and ignore them. Stop sucking commies off with your Muh hate speech (Yes, it was Soviet Russia that discussed the topic of but muh hate speech back when human rights - including free speech - were codified).
o7 👍🏻
The question is: Who normal man will just REGISTER directly in Saudi Arabia?! WTF?! Of course that its a person who is already playing the game... You can see them in the battlefield how are fighting 1 by 1
A lot of players(including VISAs) left because of Admin favoring players like Harisharko and having double standarts and the game will really die soon if this continue
Bojkotoraju opet haha.... cigani
😏 you show us just how many you know About SA ! SA is not a country just with Bonisans... we are from Macedonia , Serbia , Honduras and real SA
Ей човече, nobody can blame you because you are from Bosnia, Shanghai or Kaspichan Wink We are just concerned about the ideology demonstrated by your leader. Not good for mental health ....
Remy LaCroix is my favourite.
Haha do these bosnian poor souls cries again? I didnt have enough time to keep an eye on 1 profile what lefts for second Laugh
Remy lacroix
o7 👍🏻👍🏻
@Piolun its not about the Guardian, its just the first link I copied. The point was there was an en game cancelled because of racism from the fans mere days after the Bulgaria - England... About your political stance. More power to you dude. I have zero preference... Tories, Labour, LibDem, Farage they are all the same to me... Maybe im wrong in doing so but it is what it is