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Bulgaria stop writing crying articles.


HarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoJ CuervoFuck this gameJamesdelaneymiskemiskemiske

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Hahaha nice work
nice edit xDD
my reaction to when I hear about hate speech
no one cared HAHAHA
lel boikov na aparatima xd
Ma na chemo terpji lik 😀
Unsub. People are wasting time to invite players to join the game and they get this.. Wtf. 0 respect for all of you, I feel sorry for you in the real life...
The laughter of this dude is so contagious, the lack of teeth adds to the mood Smile
Lol good trolling
Who wrote crying articles?
No wonder the game is going down.Live in toxicity then.
And is the hate speech the only thing in the article you saw,herosiv?Or is it the only thing that is convinient for you to see?The crystal clear facts that sa is multiing on a massive scale,something they got banned for in other games escaped your sight?And the fact that their comment on the accusation is and i quote ^^bla bla bla^^ is nornal to you?They are basically admitting to multing and you support them...I dont offer for us to do nothing.I kffer we have a normal game without breaking the rules.If that counts as doing nothing to you then ok
if they are multing so hard, than why arent they all banned, I dont get it...? btw. this guy from the video made me laugh hard in the morning, thank you herosiv Smile
Because they are tolerated by the admins.Because the admin team needs them,otherwise who will lead this pointles crusade?Why didnt this thing work for Harisharko in the other game?Because there is 0 tollerance for multing and he got a direct ban for it.I wouldnt really pay attention to this if it wast for this low life hypocricy that they are doing accusing other countries of something that they should have been banned for months ago.What stings the most is the support all of you give to such people...
Its true,it is only a game,but a game has rules.If you dont follow them then what you are doing is just random chaos.You say the video is for fun but your words tell a different story .Its always easy to hide behind humor and close your eyes for the truth.
So me concerning the fact that someone is abusing the system by having an army of multis is me taking it too seriously?Why didnt you make this article when he tables were reversed and sa was accussing us of the same thing for the past 6 months?Why didnt you tell them they were taking it too seriously ?Again convinient to have that stand,right?
Crying x480
Its about you closing your eyes for the truth.Any person with normal education can tell what SA is doing given the facts at his disposal.You just decide to see what you want to see to match your agenda.
if you are just little objective herosiv, you would say that SA is insulting them, not trolling, so you are trying to get more attention with this article
Down vote
they accuse you of being multies but only Bulgarians care about it for some reason. Usually the one that cares is the one that is false accused. Didn t that crossed your mind on the reactions? Just saying.
you should care. If i make a multi army and TO Poland, will there be a hidden message? Would you overreact if you mention it?
No body gives a shit about the game and the rules they agreed to abbide when they joines it i guess.
Football is also only a game. I wish you ate that calm when your favourite team gets scored against after a fake penalty and a miraculous dive of opponent striker. But I believe you lie Smile
if you are just little objective herosiv, you would say that SA is insulting them, not trolling You know that the only difference is someones intention, and there is no real objective intentions? You normies cry that things stop being trolling then they are not funny to you.
@ktab Maybe, but they have really presented no proof other than circumstances - and did it in very, very emotional way. I m not super active so I haven t seen the giant wave of multies or anything, but I saw some accusations, some connecting the dots with red lines and a lot, lot of crying.
The quality of memes in this game is as high as my will to continue playing it, looking at how lame they are tortures me.
this guy always gets me no matter the subtitles i always lough crying with him he is epic