Diario del The Great

Great - Newspaper from Spain -

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HarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkoHarisharkomiskeBosnia soldierFuck this game

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If you were making good memes for living you would die starving.
Had question. Asmon is afk recently that everyone forgot about him and put some nonames instead?
They starve for attention. But they suck even in sucking Laugh
Bogomil 100%
It would be harder to answer if there was: CGRM, Harisharko, Piko and Wolf72
BLA you mean B is the clear answer?
I would like to vote for myself, I guess I am not stupid enough Smile Give the man a chance to been stupidest as long as possible. o7
ono kad su svi odgovori tačni
Boikov is great guy in my opinion so my answer is A)
Lol trolls I laugh at this too
TheDankSavage hahahahahahah