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Bulgaria your turn. Do something and stop crying about everything.



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indeed..., some of you definitely overeact...
Yes, no one whines like the Bulgarians...
When you cant make arguments or battle them you make memes to make people quiet.The mature way.
@Boikov I see you still dont understand.
When you got complexes about your maturity so you have to walk around and blow your own horn in browser games Cheeky
Hail Poland o7
there are VERY few normal people around in this game. Your meme has definitely false arguments. Also if bulgarians overreact then what does sa do? 🤔
I liked your articles but now this is so low quality :/
Your meme has definitely false arguments. Thats gotta be my favourite quote of the year. Mister, your memes aren t 100% factually correct Sir! lmao