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Hello eWorld 

This is a small proposal to Administration of the eRevollution

For small country it is to expensive to pay 15g for start a RW !
Make sistem to start RW with 5 players and ich player s pay 2g for participating in starting RW.

What u think eWorld about this!?


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Start the RW sistem - https://www.erev2.com/en/article/5380
So you are suggesting that he changes rw fee from 15g to 10g Cheeky
Yeah 😂😂😂
Naaah. I don t agree. It should be cheaper for countries who start more re. In every business there is discount for quantity Wink
What Administration of the eRevollution Laugh ..... get real and stop makeing up lies .... there is no such thing. Play the game as it is, if you dont have gold to sustain your project taking over a small ountry just get back to your home country and lay low
If 1 player want start rw what he do look for other 4? Laugh
@Asmin ne kenjaj 😂😂😂 @guramikaka start the RW in icuped regions of your country is problem the all countrie not 1 player.
I think it is not good idea but I respect this,good luck bro
Small country like Japan have 80g in the tresor. And to start the RW needs 15g it is too much.
Good idea
This is great idea! o7
vote I agree, is very hard to have a RW medal
Don`t worry Kosingas the only *kenjaj* aka *shit* I see is the one that left Serbia and now cryes in Japan Smile))))))))))))) http://prntscr.com/pyobn9
@As min ne kaki 😂😂😂
Good lucks
I suggest making a new pack in the game store that costs a few euro and we use that pack to start RW, otherwise we can t start a RW. Also a new pack that costs like 3-5 euro, not more, that allows the player to use the log out button.