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This is rare edition of my newspaper that I publish on English and also in foreign country, but my friend asks from me to do, so im doing this. Subject of article is to remind all players that this is a game, win or lose, it is the same, but only fun remains. Why? First of ll this game doesn t have clear winners, and it doesn t contain end. It can last forever. One month one side will win, other month other side will take victory. But only thing that counts is fun and interaction with other players, gatherings, actions, etc. For me personal it doesn t matter if we win it or lose it, for me the most interesting part is that we take action together, that we work together as a team!

I want you Govedo, not team!

Of course that wins counts, and it allows you to brag on main chat channel, or to troll your opponent. But 2 hours after you will forgot about that and there is always something else. Another fight, another mission, another action, black Friday, etc...

Another time, Govedo?

My point of view is that we can do something more together. We represent community of the game, and we can work alongside owners of the game in order to make good things. When i say good things, my thinking is that we can do a charity for greater cause, and we can do it together.

Come to me Govedo, and give me good thing!

While we are here, we can do greater deeds. We can make our legacy and help someone who needs help. Also we will remember as a gaming community who cares, and also it can be good advertisement for people to join. Think about this idea, it can be really good. And we can do everything together!

Enough with talking Govedo, come here!

I want to here your thoughts!



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Браво Брате !!!
All great thoughts,respect from me o7
Ko je ta prva gospodja?
@Sivi, tu jedna, iz kraja
Good idea +++++++++ o7
Govedo dosadno
Tiger, you don t have to become martyr to have access to 72 virgins. All of that is present here and now. Enjoy it Wink
nice, votado Smile