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Bulgarian and French government reached the following agreement:

1 : France and Bulgaria will NOT fight each other including RWs, direct battles, and MPP battles.
2 : France will NOT attack any Greece core regions
3 : Bulgaria will NOT attack an Italian / Albanian core regions
4 : This agreement starts from November 24th until January 06th.

The agreement can be extended only if both sides wish to do so on January 06th.
The agreement is valid when the presided on France - Feng Shui and the president of Bulgaria - xxAtilaBGxx sign this! 

We wish all the best to France and we are positively sure that Bulgaria will expand its own horizons very soon!  


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Everything goes as planned. Serbia be ready now. Laugh
Signed о7
Signed o7
Shit, so who will wipe Albania now? Sad Bulgaria no tiene palavras Cheeky
Big Serxhio, we have a business to finish first, do not hurry babe Cheeky
feck, Loland is doomed Sad
o7 great agreement
All countries are Female Sexual organ Smile
GL France o7 Wink
don t attack Albanian core and other regions too! signed from Albanian/Bulgarian soldier! o7
@AritonB you are not Albanian soldier lol
GOAT 🐐 o7 Laugh
@jedimindtrick let the bombs be with you :F
@A333 dont cross the bridge untill you come to it :Ź