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Welcome new Citizens

In this article we will show some of the first steps for new players who never played this kind of games before. Also here will be some info you all were asking past few days.

First thing you need to do is get a job and work in companies. If you are amongst first players to join in your country, you should receive a Q3 Raw company that produces grain which is needed for food companies, and a Q1 food company. If not, don’t despair, you will have the money to open your own company soon, just stay active, train and work every day, and you should have the funds for it very soon. At the Daily tasks, go to My companies:

How to find a job and work in companies and place a job offer for new workers ?

Go to My Buildings > Companies

Here you can see your companies, which are limited to 20 total, you can also see how many employees you have and that you are unemployed now. Now click on button “Get a job”

Now you can see job offers on market, and they are placed from biggest to lowest. You can choose whichever offer you want, and click on apply.

You have a job now. If you want to work you can click “Work”, and if you have any active house you can work 2x per day.  After Work you will see option “Rest” and after you click on it , you can click “Work” once again.
Now when you have a job and you have worked, you can work in your own companies and place an offer for employees. You can place an offer for new employees when you click on button Manage employees:

Here you can write how many employees you want to have and what their salary should be. You are limited how many employees can work for you.

When you have employees, you can place them in your companies.  Note that you can only use employees IF you select Work as manager at the same time. If you work as manager first, you cannot use workers afterwards. When you place all employees where you want and work as manager, in the bottom of screen you can see all info (how much tax is for work, how much raw materials you need, how much energy you will spend and how much work tokens you are using). If you have all you click on “Start production”

How to train and upgrade training center, what is strength ?

Strength is attribute which is connected to your account and shows you how strong you are and mostly shows you how strong are you on battlefield. You can train once a day in training grounds. You have to go to My Buildings>Training grounds

You are now at your training grounds. Here you can see which Quality your Training center and how much Strength you gain with every train, and how much energy does it take for training. Training in Boot Camp is free, you don’t have to pay Gold or Local currency to train in Boot Camp. Also, in top right corner you can see how much strength you are missing to get new Super Soldier medal.

Training grounds are limited to build to maximum Quality, in next table it’s we will show cost and day when you can upgrade it.

How can I see what items do I have on account and how to sell items. Where can I check my energy and what am I using energy for?

To see which items and products you have in storage, you have to go to My Buildings>Storage.
Every player starts with 1000 units in storage, and everything in market and storage is counting in that space.

When you need more space you can expand it; small storage of 1000 units costs 1750 Currency (Local), and big storage of 9000 units costs 35G.

If you want to place some product on market, you do it from your storage. First you choose product type you want to sell, then quality of the product. When you choose it, it will be shown and you choose how many products you want to sell and for what price. When you do it, you will automatically get info about how much tax is going to country treasury.

Items that can’t be sold are: Boosters, Energy Bar, Missile, RPG.

Players use energy for working and fighting in battles. You can see how much energy you have in left corner under your profile. Every player starts with 500 Energy points, and every 6 minutes you can regenerate 10 energy points. When you cross over the energy you have timer how much time do you need to refill all energy.

Energy can be refilled by Food and Energy Bars. You can produce food, or buy it from marketplace. You can receive Energy Bars through missions and events, or you can buy it from Store. By finishing Daily Order every day, you get 1 Energy bar and 5 RPG.
You can rise up maximum energy bar by buying or producing houses (they last 7 days) or buying Field Hospitals from Store (they are permanent). Field Hospitals from store can be bought anytime, they give 50 Energy and 100 Energy.

Houses have quality from 1 to 5 and they can be produced or bought from market. Productivity and what every house provides will  be shown in next table:

To activate a house you have to go to MyBuildings>Improved Buildings. Then you click on button “Building” in upper-right corner (shaped as gear). Houses which you have in storage will be shown there, and they can be activated.

When you click Activate, then house is activated and you can see how long does it last and how much bonus do you have from it. You can also rest so you can work again. House lasts 7 days like bonuses which they provide (energy, regeneration, rest). You can activate each quality at the same time, adding energy houses provide to the energy pool. However, if you activate more houses of the same quality, only period for which house will be active will be prolonged by 7 days.

What are strategic buildings, how can I build them and what are they used for?

In My Places>Strategic buildings, you can build missiles. Missiles are also a type of weapon you use in battles, but with much larger and fixed damage, so unlike weapons, your damage won’t depend on your strength and military rank, its damage will always be the same.

You can see requirements for building missiles here:

You can build only 1 missile a day.
Damage each quality level gives, requirements for building missiles of different quality and prices to upgrade your Strategic building are listed in the table below:
After you build 30 missiles, you will receive an Engineer medal. Along with an Engineer medal on your profile, you will also receive 5g as a reward.

What is Millitary Unit and Political Party, what can i get when i join them ?

Military Unit (or MU) is an organization of players which fight together for a common goal. You can access MU panel in Community>Military Unit. If you are not already a MU membr, it will show you available MUs you can join, and if you are a member, it will open the page of your Military Unit.
Commander is the owner of the unit, and together with Captains can set Daily Orders and thus direct other players where to fight.

After you successfully finish Daily Order, you will receive an Energy Bar and 5 RPGs.

Parties are also organizations of people, but which are formed around common political goals. If you wish to have a political career (be a Congressman or Country President), you must be a member of a party. Click on Community>Parties, and if you are not a member of a party, parties in your country will be listed. You can click on each one, check their program and political views, see whether they have seats in Congress and how many seats they have, and when you decide to be a member of one of them, clock on button “Join party”. Of course, if you do not find a party that matches you, you can always create your own party.

Once you are a member of a party, you can run for Congress (6th-13th day of a month, the elections are on 15th day of a month), Party Presidency (16th-23rd day of a month, the elections are on 25th day of a month), or Party President can support you for the next Country President (from 26th-3rd day of a month, the elections are on 5th day of a month).

What types of companies are there, and what are they used for?

There are 5 different types of companies: Food, Weapon, House, Hospital and Defense system. We will write a little about each one of them below.

Food companies produce food necessary for recovering energy. 1 q1 food recovers 2 energy points, 1 q2 food - 4 energy points, 1 q3 food - 6 energy points, 1 q4 food - 8 energy points, and 1 q5 food recovers 10 energy points. You can demolish all of the companies, except the one that you received upon registering. To produce food, you need food raw material. You can see the basic production*, amount of gold needed for upgrade, how much raw material it needs per worker and how many workers you can use in the table below.

*Basic production- Production when there are no regions that provide resource bonus. If a country has all 5 resource regions and they are connected to the capital, they provide 100% bonus production to the basic production. This applies to all company types.

Weapon companies produce weapons, which you can use in fighting and production of missiles. To produce weapon, you need weapon raw material. Each quality level of weapons provides different damage bonus to your initial damage. Damage rate, basic production* (see above), amount of gold needed for upgrade, how much raw material it needs per worker and how many workers you can use are in the table below.

House companies produce houses. In order to produce a house, you must use house raw material. Houses give you additional energy which is added to the energy pool, and they shorten the time you need to refill the energy. On top of that, they give you the ability to work 2 times a day in the company you work in (it doesn’t refer to manager work). Each house lasts 7 days, and can be activated in Improved buildings. The amount of energy each house gives, time they subtract from energy refill, basic production* (see above), amount of gold needed for upgrade, how much raw material it needs per worker and how many workers you can use are in the table below.

Hospital companies provide hospitals for a country. In order to make a hospital, you must use house raw material. After they are placed in a country region, they provide energy recovery to all players who have citizenship of that country and are located in that region. In order to use energy from a hospital, you must be in battlefield, and left to the Fight button you will see a hospital icon, which means you can use energy from it. You can use energy from the hospital once a day. Hospitals last for 30 days, and if a region is conquered, hospital is deleted from the region. basic production* (see above), amount of gold needed for upgrade, how much raw material it needs per worker and how many workers you can use are in the table below.

Defense system companies produce defense systems, which provide a shield to protect the region it is installed in by lowering the attacker’s damage. In order to produce a defense system, you need house raw material. One defense system lasts for 30 days, and it is deleted if a region is conquered. Note that DS only provides damage reduction in direct battles, it does not affect damage in resistance wars. You can check out damage reduction percentage, basic production* (see above), amount of gold needed for upgrade, how much raw material it needs per worker and how many workers you can use in the table below.

Raw material companies produce raw material for other companies. There are 3 types of raw material companies: food, weapon and house material. Note that you cannot sell raw material companies and that raw materials can’t be donated, only put on market. You also cannot upgrade raw material companies. You can create them using gold or country currency, depending on the quality of company you want to build. You can demolish all of the raw companies you build and receive 50% of the investment, except the Food raw company you received upon registering, which you can demolish but for free. You can see their basic production* (see above) and requirement gold/currency for building them in tables below.

I want to add a player as a friend, how can I do that?

If you want to add someone as a friend, the first thing you must do is visit their profile link. Under their basic profile info (location, citizenship, MU and Party membership), you can see how many friends they have and couple of players on their friends’ list. Click on “View all”, and in the pop-up window you will see all of their friends, and an “Add friend” button.

I would like to buy something from marketplace, how does that work?

On Market>Marketplace you can find products such as raw materials, food, weapons, houses, hospitals and defense systems. Raw materials have only one quality type, but all the other products are from quality 1-5. Choose which one you need, see if there are any offers for it, type in the amount you wish to buy, and then click on Buy. Make sure you have enough local currency in order to buy.

You can only buy products in the country of your location. If you wish to buy something from another country, you must move there first. Also, if you want to buy something from another country, you must use their local currency.

How does monetary market function?

Monetary market is a place where you can exchange gold for local currency and vice versa. You enter it in Market>Monetary market, and you see the offers posted in the country of your location. In top left corner you can choose between Gold>Currency and Currency>Gold exchange rates. You can view offers of other countries by picking up a country in top right corner, but you can buy (or post your own offer) only after you move to that country. When you find an offer that suits you, enter the amount of gold/currency you wish to buy, and click on “Buy”.

If you wish to post your own offer, click on “Add offer”. Then enter the amount of gold/currency you wish to sell, write the exchange rate you are selling it at, and click on “Save”. The same rule for location applies here, for example if your location is in England and you wish to sell gold for USD or sell USD, you must first move to the USA in order to place an offer. You are limited to 3 offers total. You can view your offers by clicking on “My offers”, where you can also delete them. If you want to go back to all offers, click on “All offers”.

Can I buy companies, and how to do that?

You can sell all companies, except raw materials companies, and the initial food company you received upon registering into the game. Click on Market>Companies for sale, click on company type and quality you are interested in, and see whether there are any offers. Companies can be exclusively sold for Gold, and they do not succumb to any form of taxation.

However, if you wish to sell a company, you must go to My Buildings>Companies, click on the company you wish to sell, type in the price and click on “Sell”. Important notes: 1. You can only buy a company in the country of your citizenship; however, you can place it for sale in any country, you just have to move there first. 2. You cannot sell a company for 10 days after you created it or bought it.

Frequently asked questions:

I accidentally registered in another country, can you change my citizenship?
We are not doing that anymore. The elections are around the corner, soon Country Presidents will be appointed, and they can grant your citizenship, admins won’t meddle in it.

Is it possible for 3 people to register from 1IP address?
No, we do not allow more than 2 players on 1IP address, and we allow that only if they reported in Support.

Mission 10:
Journey around the world, do I have to buy currency in every country, or I can buy currency in my country and travel? Also, does it have to be 20 different countries, or I can move between a couple of them?
You use local currency of the country you’re in for travelling, so you will have to use currency from each country you visit. And you must travel to 20 different countries in order to solve the mission.

Can I donate gold which I earn from my referrals to them ?
Yes, you can donate gold to player which you earned it from.

Can I donate gold which I bought from store, and how much ?
You can do whatever you want with gold you bought from store.

Can I sell or demolish the companies I received upon registering?
You can’t sell or demolish Food company you received. You can’t sell raw companies at all, but you can demolish the Food raw material company for 0g in return.

Can i be located in MU which is located different than my citizenship?
Yes, you can be in Military Unit which have different citizenship than you, but notice that after changing 2 times citizenship you will be removed from Military Unit(if you were in same) and you will have to join it again.

Congrats to first Congress members of the game, and good luck in your strategic, military, diplomatic and political gameplay. Don’t forget guys to enjoy in game and have fun. Notice that we are not going to interfere in game and fix mistakes you have made. From today we are not going to donate food, change citizenship or place Local Currency on monetary market.

For any questions, problems, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

Sincere regards,
eRevollution Team



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