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Unity makes strength
Today I want to announce that we are 

This is your chance to join Bulgaria.Since the beginning of the game, we have been proving to all friends and enemies that we are the strongest country. We are developing all aspects quickly every day! I am happy to announce that right now Bulgaria is recruiting new players!
What can we offer?

MARKETOur Market has always been stable. Now our MM market is on 0.011 and is sure that we will not run out of cc since we have a lot of cc in order to keep it low! All productions are sold fast especially weapon and weapon material!
SUPPLY SYSTEMWe are proud to announce that our supply system is completely free for all OH participants! Be here for an OH and you will receive Q5 or Q6 weapon according to your strength. 

BONUSESWe might have 1x100 right now but it is a weapon bonus which is the most important. We are looking forward to expanding our bonuses when possible.

MILITARY FORCEI can say that Bulgaria is the strongest and most populated country! There are always 50-60 online players when OH occurs! Be part of our great force! Also, we have the top 3 Military Units in the top 20. This only can prove HOW STRONG we are!, we are offering great deals for a group of people who are willing to move together in eBulgaria
If YOU are interested in joining us, I want to let you know that our discord is very English friendly, each OH and information is provided in Bulgarian and English. We are still working on improvements that are going to be noticeable soon! 

For more information, details, and questions, please do not hesitate and message me here or in discord -
Triple Agent#1563


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